14 books every dog lover should read

  • The Art of Racing in the Rain: A nearly human dog looks back on his life and family on his last day of life.
  • Sit! Stay! Speak! A small-town outsider rescues a troubled pup who helps her make peace with her past
  • An Unexpected Grace: A broken woman and a broken dog lean on each other through life's hardest challenges
  • Marley and me: This classic about a troublemaking dog who brings a family together is a must-read
  • The unluckiest dog in the world: Told from his own perspective, an orphaned pit bull faces hardships trying to find a family and a home.
  • Dog Years: A golden retriever companion to a dying man teaches everyone about vulnerability and love.
  • Old Dogs: Sixty photos of old dogs taken by a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer
  • Rescue road: The true story of one man who traveled a million miles to rescue over 30,000 dogs.
  • Step Dog: The only thing left of Sara's last relationship is her dog. When he's in danger, will her new husband step up?
  • The Dog who saved me: When his K-9 partner is killed, a devastated Cooper starts over. Will a new dog bring him back from the brink?
  • All dogs go to Kevin: A vet reflects on the dogs she's owned at different points in life, and all they've taught her.
  • Oogy: A mutilated dog rescued from a fighting ring teaches about endurance, fighting the odds, and real love
  • Bespotted: This true version of 101 Dalmatians gives an inside look at breeding and show dogs.

If you love dogs, you’re gonna love these great books, too. So grab your pooch, a blanket and a cozy spot and dive into one of these reads. There’s no such thing as wasted time when you spend it reading — or with a dog who loves you.

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