How to stop a puppy from biting

If you have a new, tiny furry friend, you might be wondering how to stop a puppy from biting. Like human babies and toddlers, puppies use their mouths to explore their environment. They can’t yet use their whiskers and feet to explore and detect the world around them. They’re clumsy little things and their mouths …

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Why we love our dogs

As dog owners, we love our dogs for all their quirky habits and the funny things they get up to. In this article we’d like to pay homage to our dogs, and we hope you’ll see similarities in your own dog and in your own life with them. They’re not afraid of things much larger …

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Why do dogs eat cat poop

As disgusting as it is, dogs eat cat poop. Eating poop is a pretty typical thing for dogs to do. There are many reasons why dogs eat cat poo and getting down to the exact reason why should be an exercise of trial and error. The technical term for eating other animals poop is coprophagia, which …

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3 Of The Best Toys For Bulldogs

The best toys for bulldogs certainly aren’t your new chair leg or the corner kitchen cupboard! We put the 3 best toys for your bulldog through its paces.

Can my dog take Aspirin

The first thing that springs to mind when you see your dog in pain is: Can my dog take Aspirin? Aspirin can be given to dogs who are in mild to moderate pain but it’s important to understand what dose is appropriate for your particular dog and what the possible side effects and gotcha’s are. Non-steroidal …

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What tricks can I teach my dog ?

So you’ve just brought your puppy home and you’re thinking: What tricks can I teach my dog? People always ask us at what age you should start teaching your puppy new tricks. The answer is immediately! From the dawn of time, folk have been training their dogs – you should too! There are many things …

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14 books every dog lover should read

The Best Air Purifier For Pets Reviewed

If you love dogs, you’re gonna love these great books, too. So grab your pooch, a blanket and a cozy spot and dive into one of these reads. There’s no such thing as wasted time when you spend it reading — or with a dog who loves you.