Thinking of a Life Change? Here Are 8 Great Careers for a Pet Lover

Whether you’re obsessed with dogs or love animals in general, there are plenty of careers focused on wildlife and domestic pets. It’s always important to find a career that is both physically and mentally fulfilling. Combining the things you enjoy with a job can make you ultimately satisfied in your life. Satisfaction is what many people shoot for when they are deciding on a new career, so making sure there are at least some components of your job that match with your interests and values is important.

Careers in the animal industry are quite rewarding, especially for those who are extremely passionate about animals. They can be uplifting and emotionally healing careers. Along with being pet owners, careers dealing with animals have similar health benefits like lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and comfort for loneliness. There are many careers out there for animal lovers, from aiding animals to health to simply enjoying a walk.

Pet Groomer

Pet grooming can be a fun and relaxing job. Many people take on the job of grooming to satisfy their love for dressing up little furry friends. There is a sensitivity required to be able to keep an animal calm, especially when they are unfamiliar with you. You will be dealing with sharp objects and this can make pets nervous. You must have patience when dealing with pets and their fur. Pet groomers are usually located in pet stores and clinics. You don’t need any prior academic education to become one, though there is a course you must take to train you in the grooming process. These courses can be taken online or within a pet school.

Groomers usually work with dogs of all breeds but sometimes there is a cat here and there. When dealing with cats, you should use caution and have protective gear because of their sharp claws and quick defenses.

Median salary: $22,700

Veterinary Assistant

There are many pressures that come with being in the veterinary business and also many rewards. You must be able to deal with worried and stressed clients and animals. A veterinary assistant is a career that focuses on human patients. Handling telephones, client questions, and administrative duties are what this position is composed of. Many people choose this position as a foot in the door.

Animal lovers who are looking to become veterinarians or are in vet school take on this career as a stepping stone to get familiar with the clinic and the responsibilities of an animal professional. It’s important to know how to deal with human patients and animals patients as well. You must either have a high school diploma or a post-secondary certificate. Most of the training you will get will be on the job. This position will often have higher possibilities of more job prospects in the future.

Median salary: $27,000

Dog Sitter

This career may seem small compared to others like Veterinarians or Marine Biologists, but it offers similar rewards. Knowing that you will get to be around furry animals all day and watch over them is a perfect thing for animal lovers. Dog sitters allow a great work-life balance and grants, people, the combination of their love for spending time with happy animals with making money.

It can be a dream position for those who want to reap the benefits of being around dogs but don’t want the commitment of owning a pet. Usually, dog sitters watch over pets at the owners home or invite them to their personal space. This career doesn’t require any former education or certificates but prior experience with dogs and certain breeds can help owners feel more comfortable leaving their pets.

Median salary: $29,500

Pet Supply Seller

If you have a knack for pet supplies and toys, deciding to sell them could be a career choice for you. Some people enjoy creating nice collars and toys for pets of all kinds and to capitalize that, they create either online stores or physical businesses.  Many businesses use a domain name registration company to create a memorable and unique website address for their stores. You can either sell your own hand-made products or ones from wholesalers and manufacturers to gain profit.

Pet supplies will always be in demand as there is a constant need for new items and products as animals grow and time goes on. You don’t need any prior formal education to start a business but a degree in business will be beneficial. There are certain things you need to maintain a pet supply business and especially an online store.

  • Pet supply
  • Manufacturer or suppliers
  • DBA name
  • Merchant account
  • Business location or website
  • Shipping supplies
  • Shopping cart software

Median Salary: $60,000

Veterinarian Technician

Being able to combine a love for animals and technology is what grabs animal lovers to this specific career. Veterinarian technicians are responsible for doing lab and other clinical procedures on animals in need. This means taking blood samples, lab tests, and x-rays. This position is for the weak because not only will you be responsible for dealing with fluids but maintaining a calm patient as well.

You must be sensitive to the animal’s needs and most of the time they are scared of you. Knowing how to connect with an animal patient is crucial to doing a good job. Sick and injured patients are what you will deal with on a regular, so it’s important to be able to withstand certain abnormal and messy circumstances. You must receive an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in veterinary medicine to be in a career like this one. Experience is also needed to obtain a position.

Median salary: $33,500


Zoologists are responsible for the upkeep of more exotic and wild animals. These animals are kept in captivity and must be maintained for their well being. This position is mainly about the research of wildlife and has a more scientific outlook on animals rather than other careers like breeders and dog sitters. They shoot for discoveries and understanding the nature of certain animal types through labs or the zoo.

This career is a sophisticated one and you must receive at least a master’s degree or PhD to obtain it. The days of a zoologist consists of researching conditions, genetics, populations, and nutrition. There are many ways in which the climate and human interaction affect the livelihood of certain types of animals and zoologists are responsible for gathering this information.

Median salary: $59,680

Marine Biologist

Marin animals are a special type of animal type that requires a certain amount of education and experience. Those who enter this field either have an interest in the biology of marine animals or the ocean as a whole. This can be an interesting field to work in as there are always more discoveries to be made. The ocean is an endless place and this causes more possibilities as time goes on.

You must enjoy being in the water as you will often have to scuba dive for research purposes and travel by water as well. This job is great for those who want to discover something that has yet to be and enjoy swimming or being underwater. You must have a master’s degree to be a marine biologist.

Median salary: $62,290


A doctor but for animals. Veterinarians are responsible for emergency and life-threatening situations. Though this job can get tough there is the great reward of knowing you’re capable of saving a poor animal’s life. This position is at the top of the list for those who want to work with animals. Many people shoot for this career because they want to save animals’ lives. Through promoting health and wellness, these professionals help maintain the lives of all animal types.

The education required for this career is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. More positions open as the years go by and many vets find jobs in hospitals or clinics. There is plenty of room for growth and advancement within this career and you will be surprised at the number of animal surgeons, dentists, and other alternative medicine positions began with a veterinary medicine career first.

Median salary: $88,490

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