Welcome to Pet Gear Lab! Conrad here, the owner of the site. I started Pet Gear Lab with my friend Andy and together we’re hoping to give you our readers a place where you can enjoy the latest happenings in the pet world. Initially focussing just on dogs we hope that the site will provide you with the information you need to care and look after your pet.

Why does the world need another Pet Portal?

Good question! Like all good stories, we begin at the beginning ? Andy and I got frustrated when we found ourselves looking for information to help my dog Winnie when she hurt her foot. I didn’t know what was wrong with her foot but she was limping and under a lot of stress when walking. I tried to find out if dogs can take Aspirin and the dosage you can give your dog but found tons of conflicting information on the web. Being a dog trainer and a fixer, I thought that having such conflicting information on the web could potentially cause more harm than good, so  we thought we’d set things right!

In addition to that Andy was looking for information on dog food and found the internet littered with outdated information. He has two dogs, Ziggie and Dougal, a lurcher and a lurcher cross. Ziggie has a very sensitive stomach. Dougal on the other hand is a very fussy eater, so Andy had a challenge on his hand to find the right dog food that would suit both of his dogs.

Luckily Andy studied nutrition and ecology, so he could make informed choices, but found it incredibly hard to seek out the correct information online. The lack of accurate information in the pet world meant that we though we could do better, and Pet Gear Lab was born.

My experience with training dogs means that I can help with dealing with behavioural problems and I know a thing or two about dog tricks too, so hopefully I can fill you guys in as we go forward on this new and exciting journey!

We’re not just stopping at Dogs!

In the future we’ll be expanding in to the fish and equestrian market, so look out for information on fish keeping and horse keeping in the future. Over to you! What would you like to see us writing about? Get in touch if you have any questions, but in the meantime enjoy this little pic of the three stooges, Winnie, Ziggie and Dougal!

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