One Organization Leads The Way In Providing Service Dogs To The Veterans Who Need Them

One Organization Leads The Way In Providing Service Dogs To The Veterans Who Need Them

Dogs are not only wonderful companions but wonderful workers too. They give us love and compassion while helping out those people who need them the most, including our veterans. One organization specifically has been leading the way in this effort to provide service dogs to veterans, providing them with a smoother transition when they return home.

America’s VetDogs knows how amazing dogs can be. Of course, dogs can do things like find bombs, or can even be trained to provide assistance to someone with a disability, but so many people forget how helpful dogs can be with mental disorders. Individuals suffering from PTSD may find that their condition improves as service dogs recognize cues and triggers before giving them some much-needed comfort.

These service dogs are ready and willing to provide care and comfort, but it can actually be quite difficult for veterans to get the help they need. Service dogs can cost a lot to train after all, so many veterans have unfortunately grown used to going without.

America’s VetDogs is trying to rectify this problem one step at a time. First, they’re working to spread the word about the capabilities of service dogs, but they’re also trying to form new relationships between service dogs and veterans. They train the dogs themselves too from the time they’re puppies, including the adorable Charlie. This four-year-old black lab is working through his 18-month program to become a fully-fledged service dog, and by the time he’s done, he’ll be all ready to help someone who needs him.

Learn more about this wonderful organization, how they got their start, and what they’re doing to give service dogs all the skills they need to be there for the veterans who need them. They don’t work for profit, and are providing service dogs not only to veterans, but to many other people with physical disabilities too. No matter what the problem is, these highly-trained dogs are prepared for anything.

Don’t worry about the dogs working too hard either, because dogs absolutely love being there for their humans when they’re needed. Dogs are man’s best friend after all, and if they get the opportunity, will be near their owners at all times. Service dogs are trained a little differently than your pup at home, but just like all dogs, they love to be close to the humans they love.

Take a look at 25 Dogs With Absolutely No Understanding Of Personal Space to understand just how clingy your everyday pup can get. Trust us: no one is safe from the love and cuddles dogs absolutely love! Does this sound familiar at all? Many owners have stories of dogs who just don’t seem to understand when they’re a little bit too close. You might even see a few dogs that remind you of yours, especially if you have a big guy who likes to sit on your lap like they were still a puppy, or a dog who lays on top of your other dogs or cats.

All owners can benefit from the love and compassion of a dog, whether they’re a service dog or not. Most of the time, even just looking at pictures of dogs gets us in a better mood, so take a look at some of our most adorable dog pictures to cheer yourself up for the day. It’s a little hard not to smile when you see these cuties trying to get even closer to the humans they love. You might be sitting with your dog right now too, trying to stop petting them for some light reading. We understand better than anyone how difficult that might be when they’re cuddled up right beside you!

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