The Best Bully Sticks for Super Chewers Rated and Reviewed

From an evolutionary point of view, dogs love food, bones, or other treats. Not only is this an ideal way for them to feel taken care of or even rewarded, it is also an excellent method for developing strong jaws and preventing pesky plaque or tartar build-up. Bully sticks keep the oral health of you pup in check, reducing the possibility of breath problems or other more serious dental concerns.In terms of choices, there are plenty of options you can select – ranging from synthetic treats to natural sticks. Either way, you dog will benefit from them, as these sources can sometimes even help against anxiety and environmental stressors (i.e. moving house, potential injury, or the loss of a canine friend).

Here is a list of  the 10 top bully sticks which are bound to catch your interest.

ImageProduct NameSizeFlavorPriceRating
Supreme Bully Sticks by Best Bully Sticks

Supreme Bully Sticks 

6-inch Supreme Bully Sticks (25 Pack)Rawhide$$$

SmartSticks Chicken Dog Chew

10 pieces/packChicken$

BLUE Dental Bones Natural Dog Chews

36 oz bagChicken$$

SmartBones Peanut Butter Dog Chew

Mini-24 pieces/packPeanut Butter$

Bullysticks Organic Bully Sticks For Dogs

6 InchBeef$$

DreamBone Chicken Dog Chew

Mini, 24 pieces/packChicken$

Odor-Free Bully Sticks by Best For My Pets

6-Inch Bully Sticks (8oz.)Beef$$

Nature Gnaws Small Bully Sticks

5-6″ (15 Pack) Junior Bully SticksBeef$$

Jack&Pup 6-inch Premium Grade Odor Free Bully Sticks

6 Inches longBeef$$

Sancho & Lola’s 6-inch Steer

7oz Petite (11-14)Beef$$

Supreme Bully Sticks by Best Bully Sticks – All Natural Dog Treats

When it comes to the best choices, Supreme Bully Sticks are at the top of the list. Available in 6-inch and 12-inch lengths, these sticks are not only yummy for your pet, they also pack some impressively healthy ingredients – including 100% all natural grass-fed beef, and no preservatives or additives. It’s no wonder people love the Supreme Bully Sticks, as your pup will surely feel more inclined to chew on those than on the new expensive shoes you’ve just bought. This natural product comes in a pack of either 25 or 50 pieces, offering your dog a high-protein and low-fat choice which promotes oral health. Plus it also keeps them busy while they chew away. Overall, these bully sticks do impress, but there is at least one downside – the smell. Many owners are put off by the overpowering smell of bully sticks, and the Supreme make this list as well.Read the reviews on Amazon

SmartSticks Chicken Dog Chew

SmartSticks are a great product meant to protect your pet against oral diseases, all while keeping your dog occupied and mentally engaged. Featuring a small and attractive packaging, the treat comes in packs of 5 or 10 pieces –with a chicken flavor smell guaranteed to make any dog salivate.In terms of the ingredients, each pack has real chicken and rich-green vegetables which are processed into the sticks that our dogs love and chew on. Most owners are usually concerned about sensitive pooches which easily get digestive problems; however, SmartSticks are gentle on the stomach, containing added minerals and vitamins as well.People love this because there are several options to pick from, including chicken, beef, sweet potato, and even peanut butter – for any pup which struggles to enjoy most dental sticks. It’s well known that dogs love any little distraction, especially those which comes in tasty forms.Read the reviews on Amazon

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones

These bully sticks are a tiny bit different than other products on the market –featuring no chicken or poultry by-product meats and being wheat, corn and soy free. This treat seems ideal for owners who want to give their dogs only the best the market has to offer, an all-natural alternative made with the finest ingredients. In fact, the Blue Buffalo Bones contain vitamins (A, C, and E) and taurine – which work together to ensure not only dental health, but the perfect overall function of your dog’s body.This is one of the main reasons why owners love this, as it is ideal for dogs that are sensitive to certain ingredients. Additionally, these bully sticks contain a high amount of vegetables – potatoes, carrots, peas, beets, in addition to fruits such as blueberries. It’s important to note that due to the high content of vitamins and minerals, the brand recommends having only one per day, in addition to ensuring that the right size is selected for your pup. Also, be sure to have a fresh supply of water available, as chewing on these too much can cause a dry mouth.Read the reviews on Amazon

SmartBones Peanut Butter Dog Chew

As the name suggests, these dog chews contain peanut butter – which is surprisingly popular with dogs. Owners are quick to praise this dog finger-licking goodness because it is rawhide free but contains high levels of healthy protein and low fat. The natural dog chews are made with chicken and wholesome vegetables that also make up for a healthy snack.Coming in a 24-piece pack of mini bites, it eliminates potential choking hazards as well –since the product is relatively small and easy to ingest. Great for small dogs like Shih Tzu Chihuahuas or Deer Head Chihuahuas. Digestion is also easy with these SmartBones, as there are no harsh chemicals or additives which may negatively influence your dog’s tummy. Many people praise the product due to something you may not have even thought of – the fact that it doesn’t stain the carpet or floor, in addition to the somewhat-pleasant smell. Don’t expect the aroma of coffee or chocolate, but it’s still not that bad to live with.Read the reviews on Amazon

Bullysticks Organic Bully Sticks For Dogs – Big Bag 10 Pack Low Odor Dog Treats

It’s hard to not get excited by a product which claims to shy away from the usual smell of bully sticks. In addition to not containing any rawhide, people are pleased to note that the smell of these treats is quite tolerable –meaning that you won’t have to leave your house in horror.However, probably the most important characteristic is the wide range of organically sourced meats which gives owners peace of mind that they’re selecting a product which they know the origin of. You’ll also be pleased to know that each treat is hand-inspected by experts before making its way onto the shelves of shops – ensuring that bags never contain antibiotics, preservatives, or chemicals. That is probably the main reason for which each pouch carries the USDA FDA approval seal, guaranteeing that this treat is as natural as they come. There might not be much to work with (only 10 pieces of 6-inch sticks). However, the quality is assured by each and every bite.Read the reviews on Amazon

DreamBone Chicken Dog Chew

The first thing to start with would be the packaging – featuring an adorable picture of a sleeping puppy, it’s hard to not want to pick it up and take it your own dog. However, there is much more to this product than meets the eye –the 24-piece pack contains high contents of protein and healthy vegetables, and is completely rawhide-free. This not only makes it easier to chew, which is ideal for older dogs, but also easier on the stomach.It doesn’t end there either. Each pack is packed with vitamins and minerals, making them strong and healthy enough to ensure a high level of energy and adequate oral health –strengthening the dog’s jawbone and aiding the gums. Overall, this is a great way to treat your pup from time to time, all while helping them maintain better breath and dental health –combating periodontal disease or tooth loss.Read the reviews on Amazon

Odor-Free Bully Sticks USDA-Inspected by Best for My Pets

People love this brand for a variety of different reasons, but the all-time favorite is the fact that each purchased bag of treats helps with donations to dog shelters throughout the U.S –now that’s an important mission to support! Another important feature is the fact that these bully sticks are odor-free, meaning that you will no longer have to deal with the overpowering smell released by conventional products. In this way, you and your canine friend can both enjoy a lazy afternoon without being inconvenienced by a single thing.In terms of their ingredient composition, these 12-inch bully sticks are USDA approved and inspected, and contain bull pizzle. The advantage of this ingredient is the fact that it is fully and easily digestible, not putting any added pressure on your dog’s tiny stomach. The all-natural product is free from harsh chemicals, additives, or preservatives, making it a safe choice for dogs of all ages.Read the reviews on Amazon

Nature Gnaws Small Bully Sticks – 100% All-Natural Grass-Fed Free-Range Premium Beef Dog Chews

The brand follows the noble idea that our canine friends should only be treated to the best nature has to offer –and that’s why it selects only natural grass-fed free-range beef. This is made possible due to a partnership with a cattle ranch near Argentina, where cows are able to freely roam the rich green grass without fearing hormonal injections or other cruel genetic modifications. These bully sticks are a great and safe alternative to conventional products which contain rawhide and can cause digestive problems. In comparison, this 15 pack of goodies (each 5 to 6-inches long) are high in protein without containing any hormones or additives you find in traditional products.People love these treats and the brand due to the premium care that is given to providing a healthy alternative which can ultimately improve the dental health of your pup –reducing plaque and other dental conditions which can occur as a result of periodontitis and lack of dental hygiene.Read the reviews on Amazon

Jack&Pup 6-inch Premium Grade Odor Free Bully Sticks Dog Treats

This brand follows a process which could be deemed as restaurant worthy. More specifically, each of their bully sticks are boiled, roasted, and smoked. There shouldn’t be much surprise considering that Jack&Pup is a company that was founded by meat experts –meaning that there is a strong assurance that your dog will absolutely love these treats.According to the brand, the process which is used is meant to ensure that the beef flavor is strong and potent, able to provide the richness that pups love. Additionally, the process is meant to eliminate bad odors which put so many owners off –but without using harsh chemical processes to get rid of that smell.People love Jack&Pup products because the meat source comes from free-range cattle which are raised happy and free of harmful antibiotics and hormones. This step is designed to ensure that the meat isn’t tainted by otherwise dangerous additives or chemicals, and each bite is tested for the consistent quality the brand is looking for.Read the reviews on Amazon

Sancho & Lola’s 6-inch Steer, Petite or Standard Bully Sticks for Dogs

It is hard to not love a family-owned and operated company. Sancho’s & Lola’s products are of incredibly high-quality, as their bully sticks are all-natural and organic. The meat used for each pack is controlled by hand-quality, a process which is becoming rarer and rarer nowadays. Because the products are made naturally and not using a factory which produces hundreds by the minute, weight will vary accordingly. That’s why the brand sells the bags using weight rather than count measurement.Dog owners love the brand and products because these organic bully sticks are the ideal choice for dogs that are sensitive to different ingredients and processing techniques. By staying away from methods which attract moisture and ultimately bloat dogs, you can rest assured that you are making the right choice for your pup – a gourmet all-natural beef which stimulates gums and gently flosses teeth.Read the reviews on Amazon

What Are Bully Sticks?

Although some people have bought bully sticks at one point in their lives, few are actually aware of what they are made out of. The answer might surprise quite a few dog owners who are unaware that this healthy treat is made from bull penises –and yes, you did hear that right.While shocking, the fact still remains that this dental treatment choice is 100% natural and presents a much lesser risk than other treats made out of rawhide. In terms of the actual size of bully sticks, they range from 6 inches to up to 12 inches, depending on the size of the bull.Because of the skin which surrounds this treat, chewing them can prove quite long-lasting and sometimes hard. This is a great way for dogs to maintain or even improve their oral hygiene, protecting against periodontal disease or gum sensitivities. The treats may not be the best choice in terms of training a pup since they require quite a bit of patience and time to chew on, however, they do make for great distractions when you’re trying to finish up a spreadsheet or prepare for an important meeting.Moreover, let’s not forget that some dog breeds (such as the Pitsky) like to destroy things out of pure boredom or anxiety. Providing them with an alternative to all of your yummy-looking shoes may be a good way to treat them to something healthy which also acts as a good distraction from your expensive wardrobe or furniture.

Are They Safe?

Having found out what bully sticks are made of, you may be wondering if they are safe for your loyal canine companion. In short, the answer is yes.However, we want to get into more detail which will give you peace of mind in regards to what you are treating your pup to. More specifically, it’s important to note that bully sticks are 100% digestible and made out of high-quality ingredients -typically organic free-range grass-fed bulls, which makes this treat a safe chew for your canine. When we mean safe, we are making a comparison to rawhide treats which present certain digestive issues and possess a higher choking hazard. This can sometimes cause blockages, bloating, or even diarrhea.The high content of vegetable and protein also make this snack a great choice for keeping them occupied for long periods of time, without having to worry about potential health repercussions. Nonetheless, it’s essential to note that as with any treat, supervision is fundamental. This is particularly true for older dogs or pups which have been abused by previous owners. Because they view food as a territorial statement, they sometimes forget to properly chew, which can cause a choking hazard when too big a piece is ingested. Therefore, it’s important to use caution when giving your dog bully sticks, and to supervise their interaction as much as possible.Another commonly asked question is regarding puppies and their ability to chew on these finger-licking treats. Bully Sticks are available for puppies too, and can provide the same benefits as they do for adult canines. However, you need to make sure that your pup is strong enough to bite down on the treat without damaging their gums –they will try regardless if they can or can’t. Again, supervision is ideal for this scenario, so that you can guarantee that your companion won’t harm himself.

What are the benefits of bully sticks?

Fully Digestible and safe

The first aspect which usually concerns owners is the digestibility of any product, and how that will affect the overall health of their dog. As previously mentioned, bully sticks are made using the bull’s pizzle, which is a natural part of meat which doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals – making it fully digestible and safe for consumption.Especially considering that the product is chewed on rather than eaten, the process of digestion is broken down and that makes it easier for dogs that have food sensitivities.

Natural way of cleaning your dog’s teeth

The main goal of this product is to prevent dental problems and to maintain oral hygiene –and that it does. There is another health aspect associated with it, the fact that it contains protein and minerals which are crucial for the maintenance of dental care –since there is no dog dentist they can see every six months.By reducing plaque and tartar buildup, you can strengthen your dog’s teeth and relieve pain in the gums. Furthermore, the process of chewing can prevent gingivitis and other dental diseases which cause pain, anxiety, and even depression. Needless to say that you can also brush your pup’s teeth as well, but some dogs don’t really appreciate the sensation –making this an un-enjoyable chore for both of you.

Low in fat but high in protein

In addition to the strong beef flavor that dogs love, there is another benefit to having this all-natural ingredient as the main source – high protein content and low fat. Although you may meet a few owners who try to make their dogs vegetarian, from a biological perspective, dogs are meant to be carnivores. This means that they love meat, and for good reason – their body needs it, similar to ours.Because there is a low fat content, bully sticks are a great option even for those dogs that struggle with their weight, and there is a variety of flavors available for their enjoyment.Needless to say you need to ensure that the treats are given as such, and not as meals –since they don’t provide enough caloric value to account for one whole serving. If weight is a problem, limit how many your dog has per day, or ask a veterinarian to help you work out a diet plan.

Long Lasting

Another advantage of bully sticks is that you don’t need to feed your dog one every single day, meaning that they can last for quite a long time. Moreover, the doggie treat comes in different sizes and thicknesses – meant for different sized dogs. This way you can adapt your purchase to your own family circumstances, rather than having a one-size-fits-all kind of solution.


Whether you’re looking for an alternative to brushing your dog’s teeth, or whether you want more than one prevention treatment, bully sticks are a real solution to an ongoing problem. Any dog owner is aware of the danger posed by lack of dental hygiene, and why it’s important to have solutions which maintain the upkeep of your dog’s teeth.Made out of bull pizzle, this delicious treat can keep any dog occupied, all while helping against tartar and plaque buildup – for an adorable smile which is pain-free.Whatever you decide, remember to stick to treats which are rawhide and additive-free but rather contain minerals and vitamins, in addition to a good amount of protein and rich green vegetables.If you have any other questions or concerns, be sure to leave us a comment down below and we will get back to you in no-time.

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