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5 Best Cat Backpacks for 2024

Cat backpacks are indeed a thing that we need in our lives. That’s right. From the all too popular space capsule bubble backpack to the more neutrally designed styles, these new ways of carrying your cats are beneficial for you and your feline friend. In this guide, we will help you figure out which is the best cat backpack (for reasons other than cuteness) for you.

5 Best Cat Backpacks

PetAmi Deluxe Cat Backpack

Carry your cat in style with PetAmi’s deluxe pet backpack that comes in a wide assortment of colors. Whether you are going hiking, camping, or to the vet, this backpack will keep your furry friend cozy. Sherpa padding lines the bottom giving structure to the bag and comfort to your cat. This bag is quite large – fitting up to 18-pounds.

Its two-sided entry allows you convenient access to your pet, even if it’s just to pet them from the top for a quick “Hello.” The mesh windows let your cat see outside while also letting in the breeze. The bottom half of the bag is solid, so if your cat gets spooked, they can hide down inside. The bag also comes with a collapsible water bowl.


  • Two-Sided entry
  • Safety buckles across the chest and stomach
  • Convenient front and side storage


  • Eager to escape pets can break through the mesh

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Lemonada Travel Cat Backpack

Lemonda brings us the classic space capsule-style bubble cat backpack. Not only is the design ridiculously cute, it comes in multiple colors to fit your cat’s personality. This backpack will fit a cat that weighs up to 14-pounds, so be sure to check their weight first.

Space capsule in appearance, but not in functionality. This backpack has large holes for ventilation in the sides and front to keep your cat cool. The bottom is fit for royalty with a cushy velvet pad.

The bubble dome sticks out in the front so your cat can look around in wonder as they go on their kitty adventure with you. The shoulder straps are nicely padded, so they feel comfortable when wearing a cat inside the bag.


  • Super cute design
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Great for small cats


  • Gets hot in the backpack when it is humid outside

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Lollimeow Cat Backpack

Lollimeow’s whimsical bubble cat backpack reminds us of blowing bubbles in the summer. The entire front window is clear as a bubble. For brave cats that do not get spooked or need a place to hide, this backpack lets them see it all while they’re sitting or lying down. If your cat does get nervous, there is a little opening on the side where you can reach in and pet them.

Secure your cat inside with the attached leash on the bottom of the backpack. This is long enough to attach to a collar or a harness. There are large ventilation holes on both sides and the front of this bag with airflow.


  • Well-made casing
  • Storage pocket
  • The entire front window is clear


  • It does get hot inside, so it is better to use on days that are not too humid

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YTONET Cat Backpack

Ytonet brings sleek and classy into the cat backpack world with this smooth grey design. This backpack could pass as a normal large backpack from a distance. There is no bubble dome, no eye-catching color. It is simple in its elegance, and strong in its performance. The fabric is made from durable polyester to withstand scratching. Reinforced mesh windows on each side of the backpack let your cat view the world around them.

The bottom zipper is lockable, preventing it from opening via your cat or snagging on something. Also for your peace of mind, there is a leash on the inside that securely fastens to your cat’s collar or harness.

The mat on the inside is soft and comfortable, but it is also removable for easy washing.


  • Lots of storage pockets
  • Sleek design
  • Two-Side entry


  • The inside leash is attached at the top and short, so your cat can’t lie down or can get hurt

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BEIKOTT Cat Backpack

Beikott brings us a bubble backpack with color options to match any cat’s personality. These bright bags exude happiness with their colorful sides and shoulder straps. Meanwhile, the front window is completely clear giving off that fun bubble effect.

Large ventilation holes are located on the front and sides along with a mesh panel that allows you to have more communication and interaction with your cat. The bag itself will hold a cat about 13-pounds. Its oxford fabric and polyester is durable and strong, keeping your kitty contained and safe.


  • Collapsible water bowl included
  • Durable
  • Nice assortment of colors


  • The straps seem a bit flimsy

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What to Look for When Buying a Cat Backpack

Backpacks for cats allow you to carry your kitty into the world. A quick trip to the vet or even a stroll around the neighborhood, these backpacks are useful tools to get your cat from point A to point B.

With such precious cargo in tow, it is important to focus on the features that will help keep your feline friend safe and secure. This guide breaks down what cat backpack qualities you should be keen when shopping.


Cats need to feel safe and comfortable in their backpacks, so the importance of backpack size cannot be stressed enough. These backpacks should be large enough that they can move around, lie down, sit up to full height, and have some extra wiggle room. If your cat’s personality is extra-wiggly, then make sure to allow extra space for that.

Measure your cat lengthwise from neck to base of tail and height from floor to shoulder. You don’t want your cat’s head or ears to be grazing the top of the bag. Another thing to check is ensuring that your cat will be sufficient height to be able to see through the bubble or window in the backpack.

Make sure to get an accurate weight on your kitty as well and do not exceed the weight limits.

Safety and Durability

Since your cat will be behind you and you won’t be able to have your eyes on them at all times, you will want to make sure that the backpack you purchase gives you a sense of security. A quality backpack is going to have a sturdy frame that keeps your cat secure inside. Strong and adjustable shoulder straps are also a must.

The material used on the outside of the backpack is equally as important as the sturdy frame on the inside. The fabrics all need to be strong and tear-resistant. The last thing you want is for your cat to be able to claw out of the backpack.

For extra security, many backpacks have safety connectors for a harness to strap your cat inside. This prevents them from being able to bolt if they break through the backpack somehow.

Air Flow

Mesh fabric or even holes in the plastic of bubble backpacks allows for proper ventilation throughout the backpack. Make sure that the holes will not be blocked if your cat decides to lay down, and, if this is possible, you might want to get a different backpack.

Mesh is a great option for airflow since it lets in the breeze if you are outdoors with your cat, especially on warm days.

Two-Sided Entry

It can be difficult managing cats in carriers and backpacks, especially when going to the vet. Backpacks with two-sided entry make the process go much smoother for you and kitty.

Comfort for You

These backpacks can be a little heavy. Add in a cat and it might be 20-pounds. To counteract the weight, many well-designed backpacks come equipped with a chest strap. This strap helps distribute pressure more evenly across your chest, back, and neck.

Advantages of a Bubble Cat Backpack

Bubble cat backpacks are durable, convenient, and they are like carrying your cat in a tiny space capsule. It honestly does not get much cuter than that. Cuteness overload aside, there are some advantages to using a bubble backpack over regular carriers or leashes.

Secure to Use

Cat backpacks secure onto your back with shoulder straps and some of them even come with chest fastenings. This keeps your cat snuggly secure right next to you. Carriers get passed around from hand to hand or placed on the ground and picked back up often – and these often quick and sudden movements can be quite jarring for a little cat.

In the backpack, the movement from each step you take is evenly dispersed throughout the shoulders and chest. This means less movement for kitty and a more enjoyable adventure.

Easy to Use

As the cat walker, you want to make sure that this convenient for you as well. Unlike leashes and carriers which also tether you to the cat, a cat backpack frees up your hands.

It is as simple as putting on any other backpack. You will want to ensure that the straps are adjusted properly, but after that, you are good to go.

Lots of Compliments

You won’t be able to go far without catching someone’s eye with your cat sitting safely on your back, peering through a bubble dome at them.

Who could resist a double-take at that? These quirky backpacks will be a hit no matter where you go.

What a View

Cats like to climb things and be on the lookout from up high. Carriers and leashes will have a nervous cat right at the knee and foot level. This could lead to them becoming more frightened if there are more people or loud kids and dogs walking near them.

However, in a backpack, your cat is up high near your head. They will be able to hear you and be comforted by your voice and also enjoy the scenery from a height that makes them more comfortable.

Making Your Cat Comfortable Inside the Backpack

Cats can be nervous about trying new things depending on their personalities. Because of this, we have a few tips that might help your feline friend acclimate to their new cat backpack quicker.


Introduce your cat to their new home away from home by sitting it down in your home.

Yep, that’s it. Set it down on the floor.

This will allow the cat to explore this unfamiliar object in a familiar setting on their own time. You can entice them towards the entrance by placing catnip, treats, or their favorite toys inside the backpack. Again, let them go to the backpack on their own first. Once you see that they are no longer acting fearful around the bag, you can move on.


Once your cat is comfortable around the bag, you can start trying to entice them inside. Reward them with treats or back scratches to make them feel like it is a safe and happy place to be. This process may take a while depending on how slow to warm up your cat is with new things.

Do Not Use Force

Do not force the cat into the backpack. This is a great way to make them fearful of you or any type of carrier. That is not a behavior you want to encourage or reinforce. So, take your time and be patient. There are always other options to try if your cat ends up disliking the backpack.


Once your cat gets in the backpack on their own or with you gently placing them inside, you can start practicing. Do a short walk around the house for the first try and then gradually move on from there. Do not make the first trip outside of the house to the vet’s office. A nice stroll down the street or even just a car trip down the block to a park would be nice.


Can these cat backpacks get any cuter? We didn’t think so. These convenient backpacks will have you walking around with your cat ruling the neighborhood or park while your hands have the freedom they wouldn’t enjoy with a carrier or leash. Cats are fun and adventurous; these bags allow them to experience the outdoors safely at your level. Cat backpacks are the future of pet carriers for practicality and cuteness.