Best Dog Stroller for Large and Small Dogs: A Buyers Guide and Our Reviews

Best Dog Stroller for Large and Small Dogs: A Buyers Guide and Our Reviews

Oftentimes, seeing a stroller gives people the urge to take a peek at that cute youngster inside. However, you may be in for a surprise as you take a look and see someone’s pet inside instead.Though dog strollers do get made fun of a lot, they are actually useful. It may even seem a bit luxurious, but there are some very good reasons to get one for your dog.

Overview of The Top Dog Strollers for Dogs and Cats

Image Name Feature

Our top choice

BestPet Pet Stroller  Max Weight: 30LB

  • Durable materials
  • Durable Wheels
  • 2 Windows
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Best High End Model

HPZ PET ROVER  No Max Wieght

  • Zipper-less entry
  • Includes suspension
  • Comfortable for 2 pets
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Great for 2 pets

OxGord Paws & Pals Double Pet Stroller 30 LBS both sides

  • Keep 2 dogs apart
  • Carriage size
  • Multiple windows
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Ibiyaya Double Dog Stroller 

Large interior

  • Dogs up to 77lb 
  • Includes suspension
  • Safety leashes included
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Pet Gear Exhibition NO-ZIP Stroller

Max Weight 150LBS

  • Roomy interior
  • Panoramic view
  • Can adjust handle position
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Paws & Pals 3 Wheeler 

Max Weight 33 LBS

  • Incl 2 cup holders
  • Removable Screen
  • Large Undercarriage
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Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer

Max Weight 55 lbs

  • Sturdy wheels
  • Great for off road
  • Washable cushion
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Best Pet Extra Wide Leopard Skin

Max Weight 30 lbs

  • Large storage area
  • Front and rear entry
  • Easy open & closed
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PetLuv Happy Pet 

Max Weight 45 LBS

  • Comfortable
  • Panoramic views
  • Detachable carrier
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Flexzion Pet Stroller

Max Weight 30 LBS

  • Folds down easily
  • Cup holders
  • Sun and rain cover
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BestPet Pet Stroller 

When you push around a pet stroller, it becomes an accessory to your look. The BestPet Three-Wheeled Pet Stroller comes in five colors – blue, pink, purple, red and black – all of which are clean-looking models.BestPet paid attention to all the details to ensure a clean design that lasts – from durable nylon joints to an original plastic cup holder. They made sure that your stroller is not only attractive, but that it also lasts long and serves its purpose perfectly.

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Made from durable material
  • The three-wheeled design might not strong enough to hold up heavier pets

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If you are looking for a more heavy duty stroller for your pet, then the HPZ Pet Rover is a perfect option. It is designed to be able to carry more weight, perfect for larger or older dogs who need or want to be wheeled around.It is lightweight, easy to transport, yet made to hold more weight than strollers of similar sizes.

  • Good for carrying larger pets that weigh more, which may be necessary if you have an older animal
  • Durable, four-wheeled build
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to transport
  • Easy assembly
  • Some have had problems with the screws and wheels, though it does seem to be limited to certain models
  • On the more expensive end of pet strollers

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OxGord Paws & Pals Double Pet stroller

The Oxgord Double Pet Stroller is a perfect solution for those pet owners who have two small dogs. It is available in a nice shade of pink, a perfect accessory to be proud of wheeling around. With smart design elements such as mesh paneling and convenient compartments, this stroller is a favorite among consumers.

  • Perfect if you have two smaller pets you need to push around
  • Comes in a stylish color and design
  • Mesh paneling allows for a nice view for your pets
  • The zipper might get stuck on the mesh

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Ibiyaya Double Dog Stroller

You are not going to find a more durable stroller than this one. Capable of carrying up to 77 pounds, you are able to fit a large dog or multiple pets inside without worry. It is made out of aluminum for a well-crafted, sturdy build and smartly designed with compact folding options.This Double Dog Stroller is undisputedly one of the best for carrying large amounts of weight.

  • Can carry up to 77 pounds, making it perfect for very large dogs or multiple pets at once
  • Very sturdy build and smart design
  • Built-in safety leashes to protect your pets
  • Much more expensive than other models on the market

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Pet Gear Exhibition NO-ZIP Stroller

No matter what you are looking for, Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller will have it. There are 6 different models all available in different colors, meant for different weight classes. Even if your dog is larger than the average pup, there is a stroller meant for pets up to 150 pounds. This one is great if you have a medium sized breed like a bulldog as it can accommodate them and their chew toys, or a larger breed like a labradorThis stroller is great if you have had trouble with other brands of strollers’ zippers, because as the name suggests, Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller is zipper-free!

  • A variety of options are available for all different dog weight classes
  • No zipper, which usually tends to be what breaks first on other strollers
  • Easy access, even for larger dogs
  • More expensive than other models on the market

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The best dog strollers for Jogging

Paws & Pals 3 Wheeler Elite

If you are on the search for just a simple pet stroller without complicated extras that raise the price, then the Paws & Pals 3-Wheeler is perfect for you. It is small, lightweight and has a simple design, all while still being stylish and effective.

  • Small, compact and lightweight stroller
  • One of the best prices on the market
  • Needs to be fully assembled, which may be complicated, as the instructions are not as clear as they could be

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This is our top choice for hiking

Best Choice Pet Stroller and Trailer

It seems that many times, people have multiple products that could be combined to do one job. A perfect example is a pet trailer and a pet stroller. With that in mind, the Best Choice 2 in 1 is a combination of a pet bike trailer and stroller, ideal for those who want to do both.You are able to use the stroller for jogging and the trailer for biking. It is stylish, versatile and sturdy.

  • It is extremely versatile, as it is both a pet bike trailer and a pet stroller
  • Weather resistant
  • Easily accessible by your pet
  • Some find that the product is cumbersome for city walks

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Best Pet Extra Wide Leopard Skin stroller

Just because you are pushing around a stroller, it does not mean it cannot be stylish. When thinking about strollers, you would not usually think of the word ‘cute.’ However, the Extra Wide Leopard Skin 4 Wheels Stroller is different than others.With an attractive and bold leopard print, you will stand out and make a statement with your pet stroller. This stroller is not only stylish, it is easy to assemble and is comfortable for your pet as well.

  • Attractive, bold design
  • Easily assembled
  • On the cheaper end of strollers
  • Not available for heavier weighted dogs

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PetLuv Happy Pet

If you are traveling with your pet, you need to limit what you are bringing with you. The PetLuv Stroller and Travel Crate is a versatile option that combines the function of a travel crate with a stroller. The handle is easily detachable for simple change between both functions. It has locking wheels and a seatbelt to ensure that your dog will be stable when stationary as well as shoulder straps for easy carrying. It is made with soft materials, which makes it different from usual pet travel crates that are hard, uncomfortable plastic. In other words, it makes travelling nice for your pet, no matter the distance.

  • Versatile, as it is both a travel crate and a pet stroller
  • Comfortable alternative to typical hard plastic pet travel crates
  • As it is fabric, dogs that will not sit still inside may run the risk of ripping through it

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Flexzion Pet Stroller

If you live in an environment with varying weather, you know that bad weather cannot stop you from taking your pets out.Fortunately, this stroller is weather-resistant and is made with a rain cover, so that you will be able to take your pet out without having to spend time wiping it down on return. It is fabricated with convenient storage places so that your possessions stay dry as well. In addition to that, it’s ideal for dogs up to 30 pounds.

  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Might not be as durable

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What are Dog Strollers for?

Dog strollers are basically for convenience. It enables pet owners, such as yourself, to enjoy being outdoors with your beloved dog without any worries. As more people consider their pets as part of their family, using one does not seem so over the top at all.It may be ridiculously an overindulgence to some, but it is in actuality a helpful tool for pet owners. Here are some of the viable purposes of having a dog stroller.


Many pet owners are familiar of the typical variety of pet transportation tools available in the market. You have your crates, dog car seats, bags and even purses for those tiny dog breeds and the like. As humans become increasingly mobile these days, a good option for bringing your pet along is through the use of a dog stroller. Now, you are able to jet set all over the world, stroll along the park, or go to a store without the hassle of carrying a bulky crate. Simply push the stroller around and enjoy whatever you are doing. It is, after all, just a carrier or crate on wheels.

It Benefits People

Several people can actually also benefit from having their own pet strollers. Elderlies, physically-impaired persons, joggers and people with multiple dogs are in for convenience if they have a dog stroller.Senior citizens who want to stay active often take their dogs on walks for increased activity; it is an opportunity to exercise and socialize with other people in the neighborhood. However, there is always the possibility of your dog suddenly pulling off or running excitedly out of curiosity and that is a danger waiting to happen. Luckily, having a dog stroller for your pet is a good way to provide extra walking stability while keeping your dog safely contained inside it. Physically-impaired persons can also benefit from a dog stroller. Limited mobility may discourage some people to manage a dog on a leash but having a dog stroller is a helpful way to still enjoy the outdoors without much effort and additional physical stress.Running with your dog is a great activity for both you and your dog, but some dogs can’t keep up with running for a long time, especially small and old dogs. A dog stroller though, will enable your dog to join in the fun while still getting the workout you both need.Walking more than one dog is best left with a professional. Leashes from very excited dogs wrapping around you is a disaster waiting to happen. Keeping your dog restrained in a stroller will keep you and your dog safe from any mishaps.

The Main Benefits

The wellbeing of your pet is not up for compromise. Being a part of your family, it is not as absurd as anyone may think to protect and provide convenience both to you and your pet.Though it may seem that having a dog stroller is an act of over-pampering, its benefits outweigh the quirkiness of it.

Easier Vet Visits

Transporting a litter of puppies, a nervous or even a convalescing pet with a dog stroller can benefit you greatly when visiting the ​​​​vet.This offers a convenient way of bringing your pet/s to the vet without worrying about one of the litter escaping, or your pet being stressed and making a scene inside the vet’s office.

Less Stress Evacuation

In case of emergency situations such as evacuation from a tornado, hurricane, fire, or other time-sensitive situations, it is much easier to make a safe transfer with a stroller. This can also prevent your dog from getting loose and running away out of fear during evacuation.

Safety Around Aggressive Dogs

Having your pet in a stroller keeps it safe from unleashed dogs that are aggressive and unsocialized. By keeping it inside the stroller, you will be able to protect it from being attacked by other dogs while you are outdoors.

No-Strain Pet Carrier

Carrying a pet carrier or bag while your dog is inside it is physically straining on your shoulders, neck and back. By using a dog stroller, you are able to bring your pet along with you everywhere without having to strain your body.

What Dogs Need Strollers?

Asides from the benefits a pet owner like you can have from a dog stroller, your pets can also benefit from having this handy carrier. Dogs do not walk solely for exercise – mental stimulation and a breath of fresh air are also some of the reasons why dogs should go outside.Although generally healthy dogs are able to walk outdoors without much help, other dogs need strollers. Here are some dogs that can benefit greatly from the use of strollers.

Elderly Dogs

Older dogs may not be able to move around as much as they used to, but they still would love to go out for a walk.

Injured Dogs

Dogs that are injured need time to recuperate and letting them outside may even lift their spirits, which may further help their recovery.

Sick Dogs

Dogs with health conditions such as hip dysplasia or dogs that have been diagnosed with heartworm may still want to go outside. Being in a dog stroller will help them enjoy the outdoors stress-free.

Overweight Dogs

While you help your dog get back in shape, a dog stroller is an effective way to assist it in losing weight, in order to keep its brain active and lift up its mood. Wondering what human to feed your dogs? Download our printable below:

Agoraphobic or Anxious Dogs

Some dogs are very anxious to go outside because of external factors such as people, noise and other dogs. However, that does not mean they do not appreciate being outside. A dog stroller can help your anxious dog enjoy the outdoors while still feeling secured in its own comfort zone.

Rescued Dogs

A dog stroller can help a newly rescued dog be acclimated to its surroundings without feeling threatened by being enclosed in a safe place, while still enjoying the outside environment.

Where to Use Them

Dog strollers are convenient pieces of equipment that you are able to use wherever you like. However, the situations where they come especially handy are in busy parks, areas with a lot of traffic, or under some adverse weather conditions.

Crowded Areas

Whether your dog gets anxious outside or overwhelmed by the activity in the park or on the street, a stroller will provide him or her with a safe sanctuary it can retract to and make it feel comfortable and less stressed out.

The Street

When in a stroller, your dog will be completely protected. The chances of it being hit by a car are reduced to a minimum. In addition, it will be safe from the risk of busy pedestrians stepping on it as well. In return, it will also avoid being injured by the leash wrapped around its legs.Dog strollers will allow you to go long distances as well, without having to worry about your dog keeping up.


As shopping while accompanied by your precious pooch is becoming more and more common these days, you might want to place it in a stroller for a better, comfortable view, away from the other shoppers.This will also help you concentrate on the shopping without having to worry about your dog being disturbed, or it disturbing the other people.


When you bring your dog to work, a dog stroller will definitely help you get more things done by providing him or her a safe place to retreat to and observe elevated from the ground. In addition to that, if you bring along some of its favorite toys, the common dog stroller will be transformed into a puppy playpen in no time.

Poor Weather Conditions

Some dog breeds tend to overheat very easily and on hot summer days, they are usually left at home, not able to enjoy their daily walks. However, a dog stroller is the perfect solution in this kind of situation, as it will keep your dog in shade and ventilated without having to worry about its paws touching the hot pavement.On the other hand, when the temperatures drop, you might still want to make your dog cozy and comfortable in a stroller, making sure it is dry and warm.

What to Consider for Large vs Small Dogs

When looking to buy a dog stroller, it is important to get the right size. Having said that, if your dog is still growing and you are not sure how big it will be when fully grown, get a slightly larger stroller to make sure your dog will be safe and have enough room to move around in it.

Small and Medium Strollers

Small strollers are usually very light, compact and easily stored. They are designed for smaller breeds such as Yorkies and Chihuahuas and Chiweenies, allowing them to travel comfortably, with plenty of space to move around.Medium strollers are intended for breeds weighing up to 45 pounds. You are also able to use them to transport two small dogs at the same time.

Large Strollers

You might think that strollers are only available for small and fragile breeds, but dogs weighing up to 100 pounds, like labs are entitled to them as well. They are roomy and bulky and can also be used to travel with two dogs at once.However, when choosing a stroller for your large dog, there are some things you need to be aware of.First of all, never judge a stroller by its appearance. What may seem large to you may not be the best fit for your dog. Always check the weight limit to ensure you have chosen the right maximum capacity.The interior should be spacious so that your dog will have enough room to turn and lie down. I your dog is very tall, make sure the roof is removable so it can poke its head outside and look around.Choose strollers that are built out of durable, firm materials, ideally with pneumatic tires and rear wheel suspension. This will allow you to handle the weight of your dog with ease and ensures that you will push and maneuver it effortlessly.Due to its size, large strollers are heavier and will take up much more space than the small and medium varieties. Choose the ones you will be able to lift if needed and pay close attention to their dimensions when folded.If you plan on carrying it around with you on every trip, make sure it fits into the back of your trunk without a problem.

How to Assemble

Most dog strollers do not require any special assembly. The wheels are usually removable and there is a collapse feature to let you conveniently store them in between uses.All of the steps needed are written in the assembly guide and once you get the hang of it, there is no need to recheck the instructions ever again.However, some manufacturers offer models that require assembly and a step-by-step guide is usually included with the product. If that is not the case, we would advise you to contact the manufacturer before resolving to assemble it on your own.

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Dog strollers are an amazing invention that help not only sick and injured animals get their quality outdoor time, but they also make sure that your dog is able to accompany you in many situations – from running, to shopping and working.They also help the elderly and physically impaired people take their pets on regular walks, as they might be unable to keep them restrained on a leash.Dog strollers come in three different sizes and are able to accommodate pets weighing up to 100 pounds. You are able to transport more than one dog in a stroller, making sure the weight limit is not exceeded and the dogs have enough room to turn and lie down.The assembling usually takes minutes, as the wheels are the only parts that come off before folding. However, there are several models that need to be assembled from scratch.In those cases, it is best to stick to the provided manual, or contact the manufacturer should any assembling problem arise.

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