Best Gifts For Dog People

As any dog parent will tell you, their pup is a part of the family. In fact, according to a report called “The Real Power of Dog Love”, Rover found that 24% of dog people take more pictures with their dog than with friends, family, or their significant other and 47% of pet owners prefer to cuddle with their dog more often than with their partner. If your loved one falls into the category of people who love their fur-baby more than most people, this is the list for you.

Dog Mom Hat

The perfect accessory for her next puppy play date.

Drink Wine and Pet My Dog Wine Tumbler

We all know that a perfect night includes drinking wine and puppy snuggles.

Coffee Mug

The perfect mug for the hard-working dog parent in your life.

Pet Picture Frame

For the more sentimental, this sweet picture frame lets you capture and cherish your pups prints forever.

Dog Mom Fanny Pack

When life gets ruff, take a hike and rock this stylish dog mom fanny pack.

Pooping Pooches Calendar

This pooping pooches calendar is sure to get laughs from all the dogs lovers in the office. Plus, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Humane Society!

Dog On My Lap Socks

As any dog parent will tell you, you can never wake a sleeping pup.

Pet Canvas

This personalized canvas is a great gift for any dog lover. Finding a picture to use won’t be hard, after all, every dog lover’s camera roll is full of pictures of their dog.