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The Best Toys for Boston Terriers Reviewed – Playtime Ahoy!

If you have a Boston Terrier, then you already know how energetic these little guys and gals can be. They’re so intelligent and have such high energy that they tend to get into trouble if they have nothing to do.

That’s why it’s so important to find the right toy for them, but it may not be easy to choose one. For the best toys for Boston Terriers, take a look to see all the top picks right here.

Overview of the Top Products

There are certainly a lot of toys to choose from regardless of dog breed, but to find just the right one for your Boston Terrier, you might need to look a little closer. Thankfully, these top 10 products are perfect for your pup.


Product Name





Dog Rope Toy Cotton Blend 3-Knot Tug Chew Toys + Knotted Ball

1.5 pounds



Chuckit! Ultra Ball

6.6 ounces




0.8 ounces

Heavy duck canvas


Pro Ball Go-Frrr Slingshot-Action Dog Fetch Toy

3.2 ounces

Rubber ball/ loop of surgical rubber


Monster K9 Dog Toys “Indestructible Dog Ball”

5.6 ounces



Interactive Dog Toy by SunGrow

6.4 ounces



Hyper Pet Realtree Collection Interactive Dog Toys

0.8 ounces

Ballistic nylon with double stitched


The Natural Pet Company Tug-of-War Dog Rope Toy in Gift Box

1.7 pounds

Cotton fiber


SatisPet Large Dog Interactive Rope Tug Training Tool

1.6 pounds



The Nero Ball Classic TM

5.6 ounces

Rubber Ball with Nylon Rope


Pecute Dog Rope Toy Cotton Blend 3-Knot Tug Chew Toys + Knotted Ball

This durable rope toy is perfect for both chewing and playing, not to mention that it will clean your dog’s teeth and massage their gums at the same time as they chew. When it comes to Boston Terriers, you can be sure that this toy will hold up.

It has non-toxic and tough cotton fiber made with no chemicals, making it the perfect toy for playing fetch or tug-of-war. It’s completely safe for your heavy chewer to chew and will keep them occupied for hours.

People love that the cotton material is soft on their dog’s teeth, so no matter how hard they end up chewing, they won’t ruin their teeth or cut themselves on any spiky parts. Even after playing with it for a full day, there’s no wear and tear, meaning that it lasts a while even with heavy chewers.

Of course, you’ll have to replace it eventually, but during the time your dog has this, they’ll be safe and occupied rather than messing around with your things.

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Chuckit! Ultra Ball by Canine Hardware

Thanks to the quality material used in the Ultra Ball, you don’t need to worry about your pet’s health. There are high standards that go into the making of the Ultra Ball, which is what makes Chuckit one of the best in the pet industry when it comes to durable pet toys.

Throw this ball for fetching and watch it bounce with its high-bounce rubber and you may use it in pools and ponds, too. It’s easy to clean when your dog’s done and simple to throw, which makes it very convenient to have.

Owners actually love these balls, in part because the bright orange color makes them easy to find. On top of that, the most avid chewers do not destroy them easily, even when many dogs just sit around and chew on them for hours.

Throw them far regardless of your strength and wash it off quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about it staying dirty. With such high durability, it’ll be a while before your terrier needs a replacement.

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Chuckit! Flying Squirrel by Canine Hardware

Throw this flying squirrel just like you would throw a regular frisbee as the aerodynamic shape will allow you to throw it far without worrying too much about the strength needed. Even with your heavy chewer, it’s very durable and is able to withstand any sort of punishment your dog can bring.

Don’t worry if you throw it in the dark or in the water, either because it’ll float in the water and the paws glow in the dark, so it’s always visible and easy to find.

Due to how interactive the toy is and with a great size to boot, terriers don’t lost interest in this toy very easily. It will keep their mind working unlike some other fetch toys and maybe even tire them out a little bit by the time you come back home.

Be careful, though, since it’s not meant for much more than fetch, but your dog can still have a lot of fun shaking it around. Since the corners are weighted, too, it’ll really fly with a bright color which will help you find it.

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Pro Ball Go-Frrr Slingshot-Action Dog Fetch Toy

Use this slingshot fetch ball to get your terrier up and running – it’s easy to use for both you and your pooch, so throw it and watch it go. Moreover, if you happen to throw it in water, it even floats and can be thrown so easily that you’ll be able to exercise your dog, not your arm.

Chosen as the number one fetch ball by owners everywhere, watch your dog run off to fetch this toy without worrying too much about them destroying it.

Owners actually love this ball and one reasons for that is because it’s so easy to throw. Even if you experience some shoulder pain or some difficulty, you can still have a great time with your pup outdoors when using this.

The smooth surface of the ball won’t hold dirt, sand, or grass and the rubber band at the end makes it simple for your dog to wrap their jaws around it. It helps that the extra band is great for stretching your dog’s intelligence, too.

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“Indestructible Dog Ball”- Lifetime Replacement Guarantee by Monster K9 Dog Toys

This ball is said to be virtually indestructible since it’s made of the highest-grade rubber, with a solid, shock-absorbing design. Your dog shouldn’t be able to puncture it, but if they do, there’s a lifetime replacement guarantee included just for you.

The 7cm diameter makes this ball easy to throw, while allowing any sized dog to engage and play with it without you worrying about any toxic chemicals either. Just throw it and watch it bounce thanks to its solid rubber coating.

After a couple months, people notice that their dog still hasn’t quite managed to get through this ball, even if there is a little bit of wear and tear. It helps that this isn’t hollow on the inside, making it a lot harder for your dog to puncture.

Of course, that also means it’s a little heavier, so you might need to be careful when you throw it if you don’t want to break anything.

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2 Rope Toys for Dogs (20”) by SunGrow- Heavy Duty Cotton

These two classic rope toys are perfect for nervous chewers and great for keeping your dog busy when you just can’t find the time to play. They also promote healthy gums and teeth thanks to the twisted flexible rope design which will decrease plaque buildup and massage the gums at the same time.

Wash the toy when you’re done just by throwing it in the washing machine – since there are no chemicals or dyes used, everything is completely safe.

It’s great that you get two toys for the price of one with this pet toy. Meaning to say that if your dog does destroy one, you have another one handy right away. Even after two months of heavy chewing, owners noticed that their heavy chewers don’t destroy them immediately.

However, still keep an eye on your terrier just in case they’re extra motivated to break through the rope. Use them for tug-of-war, fetch, or any other games you have in mind.

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Hyper Pet Realtree Collection Interactive Dog Toys

This officially licensed product comes in a fun animal shape to give your dog something to hold onto when you fetch or tug. The double layer, quilted fabric ensures that your dog won’t destroy it easily despite how rough they happen to get.

You are even able to throw it in the water so you and your dog can watch it float for some great fun in the summer. It even meets or exceeds safety standards for children’s toys, so you’ll know it’s perfectly safe for your dog.

Dogs love the fabric of this toy, dragging it around even after they’ve played with it so much that it’s barely moose-shaped anymore! Give it to your dog under supervision for their safety, but when you do throw it, watch as your terrier goes nuts.

Owners love that their dogs don’t destroy them during fetch and that even little dogs can pick them up easily thanks to the shape. Throw them and watch them fly without hurting your arm, either which is an added benefit.

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The Natural Pet Company Tug-of-War Dog Rope Toy in Gift Box, 2-Piece

The rope of this product is so strong that you won’t have to worry about it being destroyed all that easily; even the sharpest teeth will have a tough time getting through it.

Moreover, the neutral tones won’t bother your dog’s eyes but they are still easy to find if you throw them a little farther. Exercise with your pet, but use this type of rope to really help stimulate your dog’s mind, too.

Dogs love these toys and owners love how durable they are – even heavy chewers can’t get through them that easily due to how the rope is made and put together. This toy is perfect, especially if your terrier likes pull toys, they’ll stay occupied with this for hours as you play with them.

The fact that this rope is soft makes this toy perfect for teething, too and won’t harm your pet even if they’re determined to tear it apart.

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SatisPet Large Dog Interactive Rope Tug Training Tool Durable Chew Toy for Power Chewers

This durable chewing rope by SatisPet is suitable for dog training, tug-of-war, or fetching. No matter what size your dog is, they’ll be able to get their jaws around this with ease, including your terrier.

Aggressive chewers can’t get through this too easily due to how well it’s constructed and with the practical design, you’re more able to hold onto it or throw it to play with your pooch.

One thing owners love about this toy is that it keeps their dog so occupied that they no longer run around destroying the house. It’s simple to play tug-of-war with this toy, too and great to keep your dog chewing without harming their teeth or gums.

In fact, owners specifically note how soft the material is and that the thickness of the rope is great for all types of activities. It may not be indestructible, but it’s certainly a great toy for all types of fun and games for your dog.

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The Nero Ball Classic TM- K-9 Ball On a Rope Toy

The Nero Ball is a well-known pet product, largely since it’s used by Police K-9 and military dog teams worldwide. The natural rubber ball and strong nylon rope stays strong regardless of how strongly your dog chews.

Thanks to the rope, you can throw the ball even further than normal, all without straining your arms, too. Use this toy to train, motivate and strengthen the bond between you and your dog at any time.

This ball is great because it’s easy for you to carry around and is not so noticeable that you’ll have a hard time taking it with you. It’s also not squishy, meaning that it won’t be destroyed almost as soon as you buy it.

The clean up for this toy can be done easily thanks to the material and moreover, the rope can be used for some easy fetching. Just be careful not to get it caught in the top of a tree when you send it flying, though!

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Playing With Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers have a lively, affectionate type of personality, so they love to be around people in some way or another. That also means they have high amounts of energy and can tend to be hyperactive.

Combined with their high intelligence, you’ll probably see them getting into lots of trouble if you don’t give them something to play with.

Approaching Playtime

To be honest, Boston Terriers don’t actually require lots of exercise. They don’t need to run around too much and are happy indoors or outdoors. However, that being said, they’ve got lots of energy and love to play, especially when they’re playing with you.

Why Play?

Even though they don’t need lots of exercise, it can be a good idea to play with your pup. For one thing, these little guys tend to eat a lot and eat anything they can find. If you want to help them stay healthy, some good exercise can be really helpful.

On top of that, you already know how much energy these pups need, so playing with them can help them avoid poor behavior. This includes digging, destruction of possessions and general mayhem.

Style of Play

You don’t have to have lots of energy yourself to play with your dog if you’re a little tired – just throw a frisbee or a ball and watch your terrier run for it since their athletic build makes it easy for them to run and catch.

It may take a little time to train them, but they love fetch, too, which you can do both indoors and outdoors. However, just remember to be firm when you want to stop, or else your pup might never leave you alone!

Your terrier loves any game that involves you, really, so pick up toys that are great for fetching and use them to their fullest. Of course, it’s important to be sure you have the right toy, too, for their little muzzle.

Best Game to Play

In order to manage your Boston Terrier’s energy levels, it’s best not to leave your dog to their own devices. Don’t think of playing with them as a chore, though because it can be lots of fun for you, too and a great bonding experience. Both of you can stay healthy and happy together with just 30 minutes of one of these types of exercise.


If you already run, this type of exercise is even easier – Just take your dog with you when you run and watch as they run alongside you. Just be sure to jog at your pet’s pace and keep an eye on them constantly, especially if it’s really hot outside. You have to always be sure that they’re not dealing with any heat exhaustion.

Obedience Training

Train your dog to catch objects or play fetch, which is not only fun, but can end up being really impressive, too. This can improve your life with your terrier at home, while giving them some much needed exercise at the same time.


Boston Terriers need lots of mental stimulation that is why hiking is perfect since there are lots of hills and obstacles to overcome. Just be sure to come prepared with lots of food, water and a safety kit, too. It’s also a good idea for you both to go hiking during cooler weather so as to avoid getting a heat stroke.

Dog Park

If there’s a dog park in the neighborhood, visiting it is a great way to help teach your dog to socialize with other dogs, while still playing with their toys. They’ll have a safe environment to play around in, so you won’t have to worry too much while they play to their heart’s content.

Choosing the Right Toy

There are a lot of toys to choose from, but before you pick one, remember that Boston Terriers love toys they can chew on and toys they can fetch. They can’t get enough when it comes to chewing and are known to tear cheap toys apart within minutes. They’re sweet, but these little guys have jaws of steel.

Types of Toys

First off, be sure to choose a toy that’s durable because you don’t want your dog to rip apart their toy too quickly. Even so, when they inevitably do destroy the toy, make sure that none of the pieces will do any damage to your dog.

This is why you might want to avoid toys with long fabric or thread, since these can get clogged up in your dog’s bowels. Try to imagine if you could break the toy before you give it to your dog – if you can break it, they surely can.

Pick out a toy that isn’t too large or wide for your dog’s jaws, either and remember that your terrier’s muzzle is pretty small and can’t fit anything too big. This is why rubber balls and cones work perfectly.


When you do go out to play with your dog, where do you plan on playing? If you’re fetching inside, don’t choose a toy that might cause damage to your home if you happen to throw it somewhere important.

If you’re fetching outdoors, just keep the weather patterns in mind. That’s because these little guys don’t handle heat and cold all that well thanks to the make of their coat. If it’s too hot, it’s better just to stay indoors.

The Athletic Pooch

Your dog is, of course, athletic, so he or she may want to show off their skills and use up some energy. Frisbees make a great option because of this, although Boston Terriers can definitely be goofy little munchkins, too.

Keep an eye on them so they don’t play with too many odd items, or at least any items that may be dangerous to them.

Toys to Avoid

There are so many toys your dog can handle, but of course there are just as many toys that may be dangerous or unsatisfying for your dog, too. Consider your dog’s nature when you buy, since some pups can still be gentler when it comes to chewing. Regardless, there are some common types of toys that is best to stay away from.

Chewable Toys

You know how strong the Boston Terrier jaw is, which is why you can’t choose toys that are plush or easily destroyable. If it can be ripped apart easily, don’t waste your time buying it – this includes cheap fabric or anything that can be filled with toxins.

Narrow Toys

If you get a toy that’s too small or narrow, your Boston might end up getting pieces of it lodged into their mouth. This can end up hurting their mouth and if little pieces break off, can be quite dangerous and painful for them.


There are lots of toys to choose from when it comes to your Boston Terrier – so many that you may not be sure of exactly which one to pick. Thankfully, we’ve been able to narrow down the list of potential options to help you choose just the right one. Play with your terrier in a variety of ways to ensure that both of you stay happy and healthy.