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Best Toys for Corgis: These Toys Keep Their Butts Wiggling

Of all the dog breeds out there, corgis are probably one of the happiest and cutest looking ones of them all. They’re the breed that looks perfectly friendly and just wants to have fun. You’d have endless fun just watching them walk around with their short legs and waddling their cute little butts.

For a dog that gives you so much happiness, it’s just fair to reciprocate that and give your corgi something to make it happy too. Aside from food and your company, nothing else will make a corgi happier than toys.

Toys can mean the difference between a good day and a great day. Toys can be given for any occasion such as for their birthdays or Christmas or even just because their toys are already getting a bit old. However, if you’ve gone out shopping for dog toys before, you’d know that there’s so many different kinds.

As your corgi’s owner, it’s your duty to find one that will suit your pet’s personality the most along with a number of different factors to consider.

In this article, we review 10 toys that you should consider getting for your little pup. However, every dog is different so you’ll have to go over each and every one and consider a wide variety of factors to help you decide what’s best for your pooch. This list will help you put a big smile on your corgi’s face.

Overview of the top 10 best toys for corgis​

Image Product Name Material Weight (ounces) Price Rating

KAIKER Bumpy Bouncy Solid Rubber Ball

Rubber 3.5 $$

SunGrow Interactive Dog Toy – Dog puzzle and treat dispenser

Rubber 8 $

Nibble Pet Products Durable Rubber Ball for Aggressive Chewers

Rubber 3 $$

CoscosX Pet Elastic Solid Rubber Ball with Rope

Rubber 4 $

Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

Plastic and Rubber 2.6 $$$

SmartPetLove – Tender-Tuffs

Plush 2.4 $$

Q-monster Dog Squeaky Toys Ball

Rubber 2 $$

PlayfulSpirit Tricky Treat Rugby Ball

Rubber 5.3 $$

Howard Pet Ball Vintage Flat

Rubber 2 $$

Dog Toys Tooth Cleaning Treat Ball

Rubber 15.2 $$

KAIKER Bumpy Bouncy Solid Rubber Ball

This little spherical rubber ball is randomly adorned with round bumps all over it. It’s almost 2 inches in diameter which makes it perfect for puppies and small to medium-sized adult dogs. It is made of safe and toxic free materials that are durable as well to handle sharp teeth.

Everyone needs a little rubber ball in their dog’s toy chest and this could be the one for your corgi. Its dimensions make it perfect and the safe material is a must because safety is priority and the durability of the toy makes this a perfect toys for teething puppies.

What people, and the dogs, love about this product is its design: the bumps. Because of the exterior bumps around the ball, this ball doesn’t just follow a straight line from your throw. When you toss this toy and it hits a surface like the floor, no one knows where it will head next and that unpredictability brings playtime to a whole new level.


Interactive Dog Toy by SunGrow

Toys that can give dogs enjoyment is the goal but if you can have a toy that is fun and educational at the same time, that’s a winner. SunGrow has made a toy that has just done that. The interactive ball is approximately 4 inches in diameter and has a sound mechanism for squeaking. It has an opening where you can put the food inside and your dog will have to learn how to roll the ball correctly to get the food out. SunGrow even took it to the next level by designing the exterior of the ball in a way that it actually cleans your corgi’s teeth while they chew on it.

The question is: what’s not to love? The interactive ball is the right size for corgis and it claims to be able to increase their IQ using the treat dispenser feature. It’s a neat functional toy that doesn’t even require batteries and can provide mental stimulation for your pet for hours each day. The ball even squeaks. Adding up all the features this ball has makes it a perfect tool for training, making the process effective yet enjoyable for you and your corgi.


Durable Rubber Ball by Nibble

Getting back to the basics, this product is an essential: a rubber ball. As simple as it is without featuring any fancy bells and whistles, you know this simple product can provide endless hours of playtime for you and your little corgi. This rubber ball is 3 inches in diameter and is made of durable, non-toxic rubber. What else would you need?

People love the basic rubber ball because it’s as simple as it gets. However, this rubber ball is one to be considered because it features hard, durable rubber which is especially useful for owners who have corgis who like to chew on anything they can get their teeth on. So to prevent damaging your footwear or your furniture, this rubber ball will surely help.

The non-toxic material also means that it won’t negatively affect the health of your pet in any way. You can take this toy wherever you want, whether it’s outdoors or indoors, and just give it a toss. Fetch is one of the most favorite games a dog can play and this rubber ball is just perfect for it.


CoscosX Pet Elastic Solid Rubber Ball with Rope

A new innovation to an old concept. The ball has always been, and will always be, a go-to toy for a dog. However, attach a rope to it and it gives it a whole new meaning. Featuring this toy by CoscosX Pet, this rubber ball attached to a rope is a great way to spend quality time with your corgi. The ball’s diameter is 2.4 inches while the rope’s length is 17 inches. Due to the nature of the toy, this toy actually improves the emotional bond between a dog and its owner due to the physical nature of how this toy is played with.

People love this toy because using this toy during playtime is more physically bonding than just playing fetch. A simple game of tug-of-war with this toy has been studied to enhance the bond and trust between a dog and its owner. However, it’s not limited to tug-of-war. Just because it has a rope attached to it doesn’t mean you can’t toss it to play fetch. The rope can actually even help train for fetch because letting a dog fetch a toy is easy but making a dog release the toy is not the same. Tug-of-war can help train a dog into letting the toy go. It may sound counterintuitive but if it works, it works.


Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

You may be thinking, “this is just another ball toy,” but you’re wrong. It’s not the ball here we’re after but the blaster! This tennis ball blaster by Nerf Dog brings playing fetch to a whole new level. This product comes with 4 tennis balls ready to be shot into the air for an excited corgi to chase after. The blaster has an adjustable power level that can you can customize with a maximum power of launching a tennis ball 50 meters away. This product is also designed for hands-free pickup. Even if the ball is on the ground, all you’d have to do is place the barrel over the ball and voila! The gun doesn’t require any batteries and like any other Nerf gun, it operates easily.

Anyone who’s ever played fetch with their dog knows how tiring it is to keep throwing the darn ball. However, it’s hard to stop playing when you see their happy little faces running towards you with the ball in their mouths. That’s why people love the tennis ball blaster because it allows them to play longer and even throw the ball farther effortlessly. Finally, aside from the toy helping you to play fetch longer and easier, it feels so cool to have a gun that launches tennis balls.


Tender-Tuffs by Smart Pet Love

Tender-tuffs by Smart Pet Love are just adorable toys that will make your adorable corgis so delighted. Tender-tuffs are animal-shaped toys with big heads and long bodies, perfect for playing with. The toys come in different animal and color designs and your corgi will love the attractive colors. The material will also last long thanks to the patented TearBlok technology which which allow the toys to endure your dog’s playtime. The shape of the toy makes it so that the big heads are perfect for fetching while the long bodies are perfect for tug-of-wars.

People love this simply because they make their cute corgis look even cuter! Imagine your own corgi carrying around a little alligator or a little squirrel or something like that. Tender-tuffs can be used for aggressive playing such as fetch and tugging but they look cute enough simply to be used for cuddling when your corgi goes to bed.Read the reviews on Amazon

Dog Squeaky Toys Ball by Q-Monster

Another innovative iteration of a classic, Q-Monster features a squeaky monster ball with arms to entertain your favorite pooch during playtime. Coming in a wide variety of monster designs and colors, this squeaky toy is made of non-toxic and durable materials that also give this toy the ability to gloat. This means that this toy can be brought into the pool with your favorite corgi. Sized perfectly for smaller mouths, you’d love the designs so much you might consider even collecting the whole set.

People who have corgis often have one thing in common: they like cute things. And this Q-Monster squeaky toy is by far one of the cutest. With funky monster designs, your dog can have so much fun with this toy and you’ll have so much fun watching them play. The monster’s body is a ball that can easily be thrown for fetch while the arms make it possible for a little game of tug-of-war.Read the reviews on Amazon

PlayfulSpirit Tricky Treat Rugby Ball

Another toy entry from the wonderful folks at PlayfulSpirit. This time, it’s a treat dispenser unlike any other because it’s shaped like a little rugby ball. Treat dispensers are perfect educational tools to help increase your dog’s IQ and make them a little smarter bit by bit. This little rugby ball is about 3.15 inches in length and 2.36 inches in height. It’s made of a safe, non-toxic material and it is designed to be easily cleaned in the inside and outside. This little toy can make giving treats into a fun game where your dog will actually learn.

People love treat dispensing tools because they actually help engage your corgi’s brain into figuring out how to get the treats out. This reward-based system of learning may come slow at first but after a while, your pooch will be getting the hang of it and has learned how to solve one problem, making next problems a tiny bit easier.

But that’s not all why people love about this toy by PlayfulSpirit. It’s the fact the it’s a little rugby ball. Now for rugby fans out there, nothing can make their mornings better than seeing their cute little corgis playing with a little rugby as if the love for the sport runs in both of their veins.Read the reviews on Amazon

Vintage Flat Soccer Ball

Peerless Industries offers this vintage flat soccer ball toy that is perfect for small dogs such as corgis. This semi-deflated toy is not only in a soccer ball design but a vintage soccer ball design for those who want to class it up. The toy is perfect for playing and it comes built with squeakers inside for that extra ounce of fun. The leather-like material and its double-stitching will ensure of its durability and endurance for long lasting chew fests. This toy also comes in other vintage sports ball designs.

You may be asking, why would I need a flat ball if I already have a normally inflated ball? As previously mentioned, not all dogs are the same. Flat balls can be easily thrown just like an other ball but it doesn’t roll away as much. That means that it is a perfect toy for corgis who don’t want to run that far. Flat toys are also good for indoor games because it won’t roll under furniture like round balls. This alone can save you time from reaching your arm under the furniture and getting yourself all dusty from the floor.Read the reviews on Amazon

Tough Dog Toys Interactive Games Tooth Cleaning Treat Ball

The last toy entry on this list is certainly not the least. Another treat dispensing toy but by a company called D-Mcark. The product comes with three different colored treat dispensing balls. We’ve mentioned treat dispensers before so how does this one differentiate itself from the pack? It’s designed to be a dental companion for your corgi. It’s made with safe and non-toxic rubber which means your pet can chew on this all day long and while doing so, actually get its teeth cleaned in the process. Plus, the bristles for cleaning the teeth also act as a gum manager for an added benefit.

People love this product because while their corgis are having fun getting the treats out of this ball, their dogs are getting their teeth cleaned and a dog with clean teeth is a dog with less problems to worry about. As we’ve previously mentioned, treat dispensers can help boost a dog’s intelligence so that’s also why people are getting their hands on this product.Read the reviews on Amazon

Buying Guide

Getting a toy for your dog isn’t as simple as going to a store and picking out the first thing you see. It’s a very thought-out process that has to consider a number of factors to ensure that you’re not simply buying a toy for your corgi that it won’t even play with. Here’s a few factors that you’ll have to consider to get that perfect toy your corgi wouldn’t be able to live without.


One of the more important features you have to consider in a toy is the size. Why? Because obviously your corgi will only enjoy toys it can actually get its mouth to bite and chew on. Get a toy too big and you’ll risk wasting money on a toy your dog cannot play with. This is actually the safer route because if you get a toy that’s too small, it becomes a choking hazard and that’ll be problematic and will warrant a trip to your local vet. So for corgis, make sure it’s not too big or too small for that cute little mouth.


To add up to the point previously mentioned, safety should also be a priority when choosing toys for your beloved pet. Prioritizing safety means getting toys that are made with non-toxic materials or painted with non-toxic pigments. Dogs interact with toys mostly through their mouths so it is a must that all their toys must be safe for them to handle. Safety, as mentioned, is also getting a toy that’s not too small because it’s easy for a dog to mistake a toy for a treat. So don’t get a toy that’s small enough to be swallowed.


Check for durability so that you won’t break the bank. Getting one durable toy is infinitely better than getting dozens of toys because they constantly break or tear apart. Dogs just want to have fun and fun means sinking their teeth into it and going crazy. Durability can be checked by understanding the material used for the toys. Did they use rubber? What kind of rubber? Is there any stitching? What kind of stitching? Those are some questions you should look out for when choosing between multiple toys.

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Dog’s Personality

This one might be the most important point to consider toy-wise and no one can answer this except you. Every dog is different. Some like to run while others prefer to walk. Some want to play while others prefer to lay around. It’s important you get a toy that reflects your corgi’s personality because nothing is sadder than forcing your pet to play with something that doesn’t resonate with its own personality. This means that you have to get to know your pet first and this can mean buying different kinds of toys at first to see what kind of toys your corgi attaches itself with. Does it like balls? Ropes? Stuffed toys? You’d better find out.


Ultimately, it’s all up to your furry little friend. This may be such a frequently-repeated phrase but it’s true: every dog is different. At least with this list, you now have an idea of what different toys are available for your favorite corgi.

You have your typical balls, some toys, and a few treat dispensing tools. You also now know what factors to consider before making your final purchase. It may be just a simple toy but this is actually a serious thing to think about.

Your corgi is there making your life ultimately better so the very least you can do is give it happiness too.