Best Toys for German Shepherds Reviewed that Your Dog Will Love!

Best Toys for German Shepherds Reviewed that Your Dog Will Love!

If you own a German Shepherd, you already know that this dog breed is very capable, strong, as well as special. German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds and they are known for their intelligence and capabilities. They are also known to be working dogs, thus, they became the preferred breed for many types of work, such as police and military service.

This breed of medium to large-sized dog originated in Germany and it is officially recognized by its dog breed name “German Shepherd Dog.” This dog is an excellent companion, although it may not be for everyone. German Shepherds are high-energy dogs and they do require constant activities, otherwise, they will become bored and will start barking.Luckily, there are ways to help you keep your dog entertained. Countless types of dog toys are available that can entertain your high-maintenance German Shepherd. Mixed breeds like the German Shepherd Border Collie are similar. With balls, frisbees and other amusing toys, your dog will not bark out of boredom anymore. In this article, we will take a look at some important toy features that you should have in mind and we will help you find the right toy for your dog.

Overview of the Top toys for German Shepherds

Image Product Name Type of Toy Size Price Rating

KONGClassic Dog Toy

Treat Dispencer Large $

The Nero Ball Classic TM

Rope and Ball 2.75″ $$

ZippyPaws Squeakie Pup

Fluffy squeak toy 12 x 10 x 1 Inch $$

KONG Extreme Black Goodie Bone

Rubber Chew toy Medium $

Pelay Dog Ball

Rubber ball 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches $

Monster K9 Dog Toys Indestructible Dog Ball

Ball One Size $

Bwogue Durable Dog Chew Toy

Chew toy 6.3 * 2.2inch $$

SteelPet Bone Shape Dog Dental Toy

Chew toy 5 x 2 x 2 inches $$

BINGPET Dog Rope Toy

Rope and Ball One Size $$

The Nero Ball ULTRA Dog Training Ball

Rope and Ball 5 x 5 x 3 inches $$

KONG Classic Large

Designed to shift unwanted or destructive behavior into positive play-time, this US-made product is a must for GSDs. Made out of ultra-durable rubber, the KONG classic toy comes in a variety of sizes, meaning that it can easily adapt to the needs of a pup or an adult dog. It also features an erratic bounce that is perfect for highly active dogs such as German Shepherds, giving them that energy-stimulation they are known to crave.

KONG Classic is a brand which has, over the years, become a staple for creating excellent dog toys. Having been around for more than forty years, it’s no surprise that owners love and trust this brand which offers positive enrichment and play-time opportunities for German Shepherds and other adorable breeds.Read the reviews on Amazon

The Nero Ball Classic TM

This 100% natural rubber ball features a strong rope for increased strength and durability. Designed to accommodate the needs of military services, police and other sporting roles, the Nero Ball is ideal for training your strong German Shepherd with ease.

A non-slip loop and a strong nylon rope wrap around this new and improved design, making it possible for dogs to catch the ball even at the young age of a pup, or when lacking the agility – preventing the ball from rolling away on flat surfaces.

People love this product because of its versatility – the toy can be used as a training tool, or as a chew toy once the rope is removed.Read the reviews on Amazon

ZippyPaws Squeakie Pup 11-Squeaker No Stuffing Plush Dog Toy

Want a mini German Shepherd toy for your adorable pup? Well, the ZippyPaws Squeakie is a product which has won over dogs’ worldwide, serving as both a squeaky chew toy and a sleeping companion.

Equipped with 11 squeaker options and 1 blaster squeaker, this toy is not for the light-hearted. In fact, you’ll need some patience and love for music, as dogs seem to love the different tunes created by this cute, dog breed inspired dog toy.

Owners seem impressed that there is no stuffing in the toy, which makes it easier to wash and dry, in addition to not having to collect stuffing pieces left all over the house.Read the reviews on Amazon

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy, Medium, Black

It’s not easy for dogs to resist a toy which also incorporates their favorite treat. The KONG extreme goodie bone is exactly what the name describes, as the enticing treats will keep your pup busy for hours on end. This toy features puncture-resistance and non-toxic yet extremely durable rubber, so this bone-inspired dog chew toy is ideal for canine companions which spend a lot of time home alone.

Because of the design which accommodates for treats, this product is recommended by both veterinarians and dog trainers for minimizing separation anxiety and other nervous behaviors.Read the reviews on Amazon

Pelay Dog Ball Toys for Pet Tooth Cleaning

Bonding time has just gotten more exciting: featuring a treat-dispensing mechanism, this interactive dog toy is ideal for German Shepherds of all ages. This innovative ball is made using non-toxic plastic which does not damage your dog’s’ gums and teeth, even in older dogs.

Being able to distract pups from sofas and other furniture items from around your home, the Pelay Dog Ball Toys can be seen as a much-needed distraction, especially for young German Shepherds that are prone to destructive behaviors.Read the reviews on Amazon

Indestructible Dog Ball

This indestructible dog ball is designed to have the perfect size of around 7cm – easy for pups of all ages and sizes to seamlessly catch it. This product is made out of heavy-duty and virtually indestructible rubber, so it is made to withstand the chew and bite of even the strongest German Shepherd.

Dog owners love this product because the toy comes with a Monster K9 Lifetime Guarantee, meaning that if it breaks, you will get a replacement.Read the reviews on Amazon

Bwogue Durable Dog Chew Toy

Designed using a different material than the chew toys we’ve seen so far, this nylon product comes in two different sizes, accommodating for the varying sizes and ages of German Shepherds. One reason we love this toy is because it is equipped with gentle bristles, meaning to say that this dog chew toy cleans teeth, all while helping reduce the onset of tartar or plaque buildup.

The question is “why do pups love this chew toy?” Well, the answer is simple: the irresistible bacon flavor! Of course, the toy is also excellent for grinding teeth and creating positive associations, even while you’re working your day away.Read the reviews on Amazon

SteelPet Bone Shape Dog Dental Toy

Featuring the ability to hold treats and even small food, you are now able to train your dog’s patience, all while using a bite-resistant and non-toxic product. Clearly designed for bigger dogs, this bone-shaped item is developed with the help of vets and dog training experts interested in maintaining your pet’s dental health.

One reason why this toy is appreciated by many owners is because of the Money Back Guarantee of 90 days which provides owners with the certainty that they can return the product should it not meet their expectations.Read the reviews on Amazon

Dog Rope Toys for Boredom Puppy Chew

This pack of 5 toys is an ideal choice for both pups and adult dogs, allowing for interactive play and dental maintenance. As we all know, chewing is a process which removes buildup tartar and plaque, minimizing the risk of dental pain and other diseases. Made using 100% durable cotton, these knotted rope chews encourage both playtime and exercise.

This product is well-loved by dog owners because of its excellent value for money, as each pack contains 5 pieces.Read the reviews on Amazon

The Nero Ball ULTRA Dog Training Ball

The 100% thick rubber design offers enough strength to withstand police, military and other service training. Equipped with enough flexibility to not damage your dog’s teeth, this adaptable yet durable product is ideal for training big dogs such as German Shepherds. The rope also has an excellent length, which is easy to shorten should you deem it necessary.

Reviewers have often reported that the customer service is quick and pleasant – overall, this product has great value for money.Read the reviews on Amazon

Things to Remember Before Buying

German Shepherds are very energetic dogs and they require constant entertainment. Even mixed breeds like the Corgi German Shepherd are quite similar. Therefore, it is important to choose a proper toy for your dog. There is a wide range of toys to choose from and there are certain things to remember before buying a specific toy. We will take a look at some of the relevant reminders that will help you select the perfect toy for your dog.

Is the Toy Safe?

The most important thing to have in mind when purchasing a toy for your German Shepherd is safety. While the toy must be entertaining and interesting to play with for this energetic dog, it must be safe and made of quality material, as well.

Many toys found on the market are made of cheap materials and can lead to intoxication and even death if your dog ingests them. Be encouraged to buy toys made of durable quality materials, but also, do not leave your dog alone for a long time while playing.

Does Your Dog Love It?

Instead of buying the first toy you see on the shelf, take a moment to consider whether the dog will actually like it. A toy is likely to be interesting to your dog if it is colorful, but classic toys like balls are always a good choice, as all dogs like running after things. After all, you know your dog best and you will probably be able to conclude what kind of toys it enjoys playing with the most.

Is It Useful?

Apart from being interesting to play with as well as safe, a toy should be useful and serve a purpose. There are different types of toys available and they can be made for specific purposes. For example, there are toys that enhances your dog’s mental abilities

Is It Easy to Clean?

Your dog’s toys should be cleaned regularly and therefore, this is another important reminder when buying a new toy for him or her to play with. Some toys are easier to clean than others as they can be simply rinsed with water, so have this in mind as you will probably have to clean the toys often.

How to Know if a Toy is Safe

As we mentioned before, safety should be the primary concern when buying a toy for your dog. If you are new to this, there are ways to make sure that the toy is safe for your dog. For example, pay attention to toys that present a choking hazard. This is usually specified on the label, so read it carefully before buying the toy.

As German Shepherds like to chew things a lot, especially in the period up to 6 months old when their puppy teeth are being replaced with adult teeth, you need to look for more durable toys – ropes are an excellent option for your German Shepherd who is growing.

This leads us to another important thing when it comes to safety and that is the size of the toy. Make sure that the toys are not too big as your dog will be chewing it, so it needs to fit his or her mouth. If it is too big or too small, your precious pup might choke.

Why Your German Shepherd Needs a Toy

A dog needs toys to play with for several reasons: first of all, as we already mentioned, they simply like chewing things and they will chew almost anything they find, sometimes including your precious possessions such as shoes or a phone. German Shepherds have very strong teeth and they feel the need to chew as this is part of their natural instinct.

On the other hand, teething can be unpleasant and painful. Chewing toys can bring some relief to them during this painful stage when their puppy teeth are being replaced by adult dog teeth.

Of course, the major reason of all may yet be boredom. Dogs get bored easily and they are always seeking your attention and expecting you to entertain them; they remind us of kids in this way. Toys can occupy their attention and they can chew as much as they want and have fun.

Types of Toys to Choose From

When it comes to dog toys, there are so many different types of toys that can be considered. Sometimes, it can be quite difficult to choose the right one among all the options on the market, so informing yourself on the various types of dog toys is a clever idea. Dog toys can be made out of different materials such as rubber, rope and woven fiber, leather, plastic and vinyl. Here are a few types of toys for your German Shepherd that are available in the market:

Balls and Ball Launchers

German Shepherds have a lot of energy and they can run and play constantly. This type of dog toy is ideal for your German Shepherd as it can run and fetch the ball.

Frisbees and Flying Discs

Frisbees and flying discs are excellent toys for quality time with your dog. These toys are great for fetching so your dog can expend all that energy it has.

Training Toys

Training toys are purposefully made for teaching your dog obedience. These toys are specialized tug toys for training and they can be used as a substitute for treats.

Plush Dog Toys

Plush dog toys are toys that your German Shepherd can play with and take with them to bed, as well. If your dog likes to chew a lot, you may not want to get plush toys for it as it will tear the toy apart very quickly – or at least, consider buying the one that is stitched well and not stuffed.

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky toys are very entertaining as they squeak as your dog plays with them, or when your dog chews them. Furthermore, squeaky toys can be made of different materials.

Chew Toys

Chew toys are ideal for German Shepherds as they like to chew a lot. They are especially useful in the period when your dog’s young teeth are being replaced with new adult teeth, as this is a painful process for them.

Treat Dispensing Toys

Treat dispensing toys are quite useful as they dispense treats as your dog plays with them. These toys can be used instead of feeding treats for your German Shepherd.

How to Choose the Best One

Toys are very useful and can keep your dog active, but how to choose the right one for your German Shepherd? With so many different dog toys available, it seems hard to choose the best one, especially if you are new to this and have gotten your German Shepherd only recently.

If you want to find the best toy for your furry friend, then you need to be aware of certain things. We will take a look at some of the important factors to consider when buying a toy for your dog.


When choosing dog toys for your German Shepherd, consider your dog’s age. If your dog is still a puppy, then he can’t chew on some hard materials such as rubber balls. If that is the case, opt for softer toys that your puppy can really enjoy without hurting itself.

As your German Shepherd grows older, its teeth changes and they are replaced with new, stronger teeth. At this point, your dog can manage pretty much all types of hard materials that toys are made of. However, when your dog reaches the age of 7, its teeth won’t be as strong as they used to be, so once again, you need to consider softer materials.


When choosing a toy for your German Shepherd, the design is very important. Dogs like colorful toys which are easy to carry around and make fun sounds. If choosing a ball, for example, it is important that the ball can bounce when they play with it. Pick out a unique and interesting toy that your dog will love.


It is a well-known fact that all dogs like to chew things, but German Shepherds especially. Because of this, it is important that the toy you picked out for your dog can at least take some light chewing. Or, buy a toy that is specially made for chewing to relieve them from the discomfort they feel during teething.


The size of the dog toy is equally important as other factors mentioned above, so make sure to consider it when buying a toy for your dog. As dogs like to put toys in their mouth and chew them, it is important to get the right size that can fit into their mouth.

As mentioned, if the toy is too big, your dog will struggle with it. On the other hand, a toy that is too small may be dangerous because your dog can swallow it and you certainly do not want this to happen. This could lead to choking and death, so when buying toys for your German Shepherd, pick out toys of appropriate sizes so that your pup can enjoy it without being in danger. Of course, continue to keep an eye on your dog when it is playing to make sure everything is alright.


The material is another relevant factor to have in mind when deciding on which toy to buy for your dog. Dog toys are made from a variety of materials; usually, they are made of rubber, rope and woven fiber, leather, plastic and vinyl. If you want a chewable toy, then opt for rubber toys – they are also very durable and your dog can play with them for a long time.

Quality materials will not put your dog in danger as they do not cause intoxication. Rope toys can pose a danger to your dog, so please supervise them when chewing a rope toy.

Therefore, when buying toys for your dog, try to avoid the ones that use cheap materials which can lead to some serious consequences. An important tip for dog owners is to always replace the toys as soon as you notice that they have started to break and the insides have started to come out. Your dog can chew or swallow small parts of a toy, so to avoid this, throw broken toys away.

Type of Toys

In time, after buying many toys, you will be able to know what your dog’s favorite type of toys are. As you now know, there are numerous options of different toys available, so when buying a new toy for your dog, always consider its favorite type of toy.

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German Shepherds are a fascinating dog breed that will certainly keep you active. They are quite energetic so you must keep them busy and entertain them well. With our simple guide for choosing the best toys for your german shepherd, you will be sure that you are making the right decision and buying toys that are perfectly safe for your dog.

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