Bissell Vs Shark Vacuums for Pet Hair. Which is Better to Clean Dander?

Living with pets can be a bliss but it does come with a few challenges. If you’re a pet owner, the first thing that comes to mind is probably hair. Your pet’s hair is everywhere. It covers the floor, the furniture, your clothes, and even places your furry friends don’t have access to.

A good vacuum cleaner for dog hair is an investment that will save you lots of time and trouble. It’s not the cheapest of all appliances but is well worth the money. However, with so many options on the market offering similar features, it can be difficult to choose a brand.

As a dog owner, you have probably already come across two names: Bissell and Shark. Both brands produce pet hair vacuum cleaners that are considered among the best in their category. They are very similar so if it has come down to choosing one or the other, you’re probably scratching your head, wondering what the best choice is. There are always pros and cons, as you can see in the comparison below.

Bissell Vs Shark Vacuums: Here’s how we found these two compare



Vacuum Type

Upright with Lift-Away

Upright with Lift Away

Bagged/ Bagless




Washable HEPA Filter

Febreeze Odor Eliminating Filter (Non-HEPA)




Bin Capacity

1.5 Dry Quarts (approx 0.4 gal)

0.3 gal

Cord Length

30 ft

30 ft


1350 Watts (11.3 Amps)

800 Watts (7 amps)


7 Years

5 Years

Bin Capacity

Both vacuum cleaners use a bagless technology. Instead of constantly buying and changing bags, your vacuum cleaner will have a bin that you can easily empty when it gets full. With a bin, you can see exactly how much hair and debris your vacuum cleaner collects, so it’s easy to evaluate its performance. However, it’s important to consider the size of the bin and this is where the two brands differ considerably.

Shark vacuum cleaners have a capacity of 0,6-1,1 gallons, while Bissell vacuum cleaners can hold only between 0,11-0,52 gallons. If you have a big household with more than one pet, you probably realize this difference is not to underestimate. When it comes to capacity, Shark clearly has a big advantage over Bissell.


Not all filters are made the same. HEPA is an acronym you have probably seen being thrown around. It stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. A HEPA filter traps very tiny particles, such as pollen, smoke, and pet dander. It’s a preferred filter for people suffering from allergies and is often used in air purifiers.

Shark pet vacuum cleaners come with a washable HEPA filter. Bissell vacuum cleaners also have filters that eliminate odor. However, they are of the non-HEPA type. If your main issue at home is pet hair and bigger particles, you won’t necessarily notice the difference between the filters. If you have allergies or want to get rid of microscopic particles, then HEPA should be your choice.


It’s very common for pets to be afraid of vacuum cleaners. They are big, seemingly unpredictable, and make a horrible noise. Seeing your cat or dog hide under the couch can be a heartbreaking sight – and something you’d want to avoid at any cost.

The good news is, Shark pet vacuum cleaners have a noise reduction technology. This way, simple household chores won’t be a traumatic experience for your pets anymore. Bissell, on the other side, doesn’t offer the same feature and can be a bit louder than Shark. For this reason, Shark wins in this category too.

Energy efficiency

It’s not easy being environmentally conscious. Even if you have good intentions, you just don’t always have the time required for a good research – there are always too many factors to consider.

One thing that is important to know is the number of amperes needed to power your appliances. The bigger the number – the more electricity is needed for an appliance to work. It doesn’t have much to do with power, but it is a good way to tell which appliance is energy efficient and which isn’t.

Most vacuum cleaners use between 7-12 motor amps. A Bissell vacuum is on the upper side of the scale with 12 motor amps. A shark vacuum uses 10 motor amps. When it comes to energy efficiency, Shark is the clear winner.


So far, Shark has had considerable advantages compared to Bissell. That is not the case when it comes to price. In general, Shark vacuums are around 50-60 USD more expensive than Bissell. Shark does lead when it comes to features and specifications and is worth the money if your problems with pet hair and smell are becoming unbearable. As the next best thing, Bissell is a great choice if you’re on a budget.

Choosing a Vacuum for Dog and Cat Hair

If you’ve had a pet for a while, you already know that a regular vacuum cleaner just won’t do. Hair can be tricky to clean, and if your vacuum hasn’t been specifically designed to handle it, it will give up very quickly.

Before you head to the store to get a new vacuum cleaner, check out this list of features you should keep in mind.


HEPA filtration will help you get rid of 99,9% of microscopic particles and allergens.


Whether it uses a bin or bags, a good vacuum cleaner should hold at least 0,6 gallons of dirt and grime.

Suction power

A good vacuum for pet hair has enough suction power for loosen and suck in even the most entrenched hairs. It is also important that the vac doesn’t lose suction the longer you clean, but keeps stable power.


Pet hair vacuums have special attachments that make them more powerful. They can be game-changers when cleaning tricky areas. Make sure you check what type of tools are included before you buy a vacuum.


A pet hair vacuum cleaner is a considerable investment. Make sure you check the warranty terms and conditions, so you don’t get a surprise if your vacuum malfunctions.


Pets become a part of the family very quickly and as such, they require certain purchases. A pet hair vacuum cleaner is probably the most expensive one of them, but any pet owner can tell you it’s an important investment. From the moment you plug it in, you’ll be amazed at the amount of hair and dirt that’s being sucked into the bin.

Both Shark and Bissell have a great reputation as pet hair vacuum cleaners and differ only slightly. Shark pet vacuums take better care of miniature particles and won’t scare away your pets, while Bissell vacuums are the smarter option from a financial standpoint. Rest assured, both will keep your home fur-free and make your life much easier.