Boxer vs Pitbull – What’s The Difference Between These Two Breeds

If you watch or read the news, then you have probably already heard news reports about Pitbull and Boxer attacks. Did you know that these two breeds were originally bred specifically for fighting? People even ask if you put the two together in a fight, who would win? It's a shame that these breeds carry this reputation, but hopefully we'll be able to show you that they're actually both very lovable breeds. did you know that even though they are notorious for their aggressiveness, they are actually also known to be extremely friendly toward humans, especially children and that they are loyal?

A dog is as good as his owner, and in this article, we’ll talk about Boxer Vs Pitbull. No, we’re not pitting them against each other in a fight but rather, we’re comparing them so you’ll understand their breeds better and know which one would suit your lifestyle and family.

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When it comes to reputation, Boxers are somewhat ahead of Pitbulls. Boxers are generally a more accepted breed because they are seen as playful and loyal family dogs. This is not as much the case when it comes to Pitbulls.

Unfortunately, Pitbulls are usually stigmatized as aggressive, blood-thirsty dogs who will snap as soon as they see other dogs or even attack their owners. This unjustified misconception of a whole breed is sad. It’s true that in the past, there have been reports about Pitbulls attacking other dogs or people but that doesn’t mean that every other Pitbull is the same. Those dogs were usually bred for fighting and were acting out because they were not trained or raised right.

If the dog is trained to attack and be aggressive from the moment he is born, he will do just that. The Pitbull’s reputation can be so bad that in some countries and communities, you wouldn’t even be able to own a Pitbull because they are banned. People have a generally poor opinion about this breed mainly because of misinformation and misconception.

Due to these reasons, people tend to choose Boxers over Pitbulls. Pitbulls are actually great family dogs - they are loyal, playful, they learn easy and they are great with kids.

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Let's Look At Their Physical Traits

Boxer Temperament and Overview


Boxers are a large dog breed, being part of the Working Dogs breed group. They can grow up to be anywhere between 1 foot and 9 inches and 2 feet tall when measured at the shoulders. Since this is a big dog, a Boxer can weigh from 60 to 70 pounds and his life expectancy is from 10 to 12 years.

This dog is muscular and has a ‘square-like’ body. A trademark of this breed is its head which is also most valued when talking about its appearance. They have a broad and blunt muzzle, and their lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw. This gives them their unique facial expression.

They have a short and shiny coat which comes in a couple of shades of fawn ranging from red, tan, brown and yellow. Also, their face, paws, and chest can sometimes be white.

Pitbull Temperament and Overview

American Pitbull Terrier

The Pitbull is a dog breed which is a part of Terrier group. They can grow up to be anywhere from 17 to 19 inches and weigh 30 to 90 pounds. Life expectancy of Pit Bull is from 12 to 14 years.

The size of this dog breed varies. They can grow up to be medium or large dogs. They have a muscular, stocky build and they are covered in a smooth, short coat which can vary in color. The inconsistencies in the size and weight of this breed are due to the fact that this dog is a mix between different types of Terriers and Bulldogs. They have a long body, short tail, their ears can be either small or medium in size, and their most prominent feature is their wide, powerful jaw.

Personality Traits

We don’t need to split things up when discussing their respective personality traits because these two breeds are actually rather similar. Both of these breeds are extremely friendly and playful. They have tons of energy and are generally happy dogs. They adore their pack leader and always seek to bond and cheer their owner up.

Boxers are great guard dogs because of their alertness and athletic build. They tend to be cautious around strangers but are generally polite and friendly to people. In this respect, however, Pitbulls aren’t known to be very good guard dogs, which is surprising given their fierce and intimidating reputation. Because of their general friendliness and love for people, they aren’t known to guard the house very well. However, with that said, if their family was ever endangered, the Pitbull will have no qualms being courageous to protect its family.

When it comes to children, both dogs are known to be very patient and playful. They love the attention showered upon them by children and are instinctively protective, knowing when to play well and not to be too rough.

If you decide to get any of these two breeds, make sure that you give them enough exercise, love, and lots of socialization. Expose them to different animals, people, children, sounds, and experiences. This way, you can be sure that your dog will be well adjusted and confident as it grows. You might even consider taking your pup to Puppy Training Classes to allow it to learn new things, environments and make new puppy friends.


Both of these breeds will require a good amount of training. You will need to establish dominance over them and show them that you are the one in charge, their pack leader. If you don’t train these breeds, a Boxer might become needy and in constant need of attention. It can become hard to control and can develop rude behavior. As for the Pitbull, without proper, firm and consistent training, he can start testing your leadership and trying to take control sooner or later.


Just like many other dog breeds, these two breeds can also develop all kinds of ailments. Before you decide to get a Boxer or a Pitbull, you need to know about some health problems these breeds can develop.

For example, Boxers can contract hip dysplasia, cancer, arthritis, thyroid and heart problems, and deafness. Pitbulls are generally healthy even though they are known to fall victim to grass allergies, heart disease, hip dysplasia, and cataracts.

If you’re buying your pup from a breed, make sure you go with a reputable breeder who can show you health clearances. A health clearance means that both the pup’s parents have been tested for certain conditions. While this is by no means a guarantee that your pup will never develop certain ailments, you can have a greater peace of mind as the probability is lower.


The Boxer and Pitbull aren’t all that different in reality. They both have the inaccurate reputation of being generally aggressive and dangerous yet in actual fact, a lot depends on how they are trained and taught. They do tend to suffer from different health ailments and a Pitbull isn’t as good of a guard dog as a Boxer is. They also have different physical traits and appearances but overall, both are very loving and friendly dogs who are eager to please their families.

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    Pitbulls arent protective? LoL Bull S*** they arent, any person walks around my house mine will alert me and forget about entering my house if your a stranger she wont allow you in anyway if she doesnt know u or i say its ok. My pit will even circle around me when on walks at certain times to protect me. And mabe on average there up to 90lbs mines almost 100lbs now, but likly she at full size or least close.

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