Can Dogs Eat Canned Chicken? What You Should Know!

A lot of dog owners often ask themselves what other items that they can give to their dogs. As there are a lot of choices, it is best to know which of these are suitable for dogs. One of the popular choices is canned dog food.

Whilst canned food is easily accessible and adds to a dog’s diet. They make a good choice for dogs who have allergies or are picky eaters. When looking at canned dog food, a lot of the grocery stores/pet stores have canned meat like chicken, fish, turkey etc, and many owners would like to know if it is safe for their dogs.

Canned Chicken, Is It Good For Dogs?

In a lot of dog food recipes, the main ingredient is chicken. This is also seen to be a primary ingredient in a dog’s diet. So, with this information many owners have concluded that giving your dog canned chicken is okay. This is true. Canned chicken is high in protein and has less carbohydrates that is found in dry kibbles. Artificial colouring and preservatives are not found in canned chicken.

Although you can feed your dog canned chicken, it should be noted that this is not meant to be a daily occurrence. This is down to the high amounts of sodium. When a dog has too much salt, this can harm the digestive system and increase their thirst. If you suddenly change your dog’s diet, this can cause digestive issues and an upset stomach. Please keep an eye on your dog when you are introducing them to new foods.

To make sure you are giving your dog the best when you are using canned chicken, it is recommended that you take the appropriate steps to lessen the sodium content. When you have washed the chicken and drained it, this will ensure the sodium is reduced. It is good to note that some sodium may still remain, however this is less that it being direct from the can.

How Much Canned Chicken Is Safe To Feed Your Dog?

When you start giving your dog canned chicken, it is best to remember that moderation is important. Start by giving them smaller amounts then increase this as the time goes on. Depending on what your dog is eating from kibble and other foods, the amount of canned chicken you add to their diet will vary.

Make sure you are not surpassing 10% of your dog’s calorie intake. Some websites and vets are able to calculate the amount of calories your dog need daily, this will make it easier for you to figure out the right amount of chicken you should be giving your dog.

Canned Chicken Breast Or Chicken Chunks? Which is best for your dog?

Since chicken is common in a lot of the kibble brands, giving them homemade or canned chicken breasts or chunks is a good option to adding more protein to their diet. If you worry about feeding your dog chicken from a can due to the sodium intake, cooking the chicken is a good alternative.

This can either be in chunks or thighs or even the leftover chicken you have. When you cook for your dog, you need to make sure you do not use seasonings or salt, oil, butter and any sauces. These ingredients may cause your dog an upset stomach, especially in breeds who may be sensitive to the oils and fats.

What Other Canned Meats Are Suitable For Dog’s To Eat?

If you cannot buy canned chicken, there are a few other canned meats that are suitable for your dog. These also will give your dog high protein and less carbohydrates.

Canned Tuna

Canned fish is a good alternative as it is high in omega 3, this also has lean protein. Like canned chicken, it is recommended that you drain and rinse to lessen the sodium intake.

Canned Turkey.

Turkey is good for dog’s, remember to drain and rinse. Adding bits of plain turkey to your dog’s meal adds to the taste as well as giving them food that is high in protein.

My Dog Has an Upset Stomach, Should I Give Him Canned Food?

Just as us humans get upset stomachs, dog’s do too. When we feel sick our go-to is chicken noodle soup. Dog’s also benefit from eating’ homemade soup or chicken; this is known to help their stomach aches.

You should not use the chicken noodle soup that we eat, this may contain ingredients that can harm your dog. The vitamins, minerals and acids found in chicken can help your dog to feel better, especially when it is made plain.

Do not be alarmed if your dog refuses to et due to feeling sick or wanting something different to their normal diet. By giving them chicken or homemade soup, this is a nice way to get them to eat without making their stomach-ache worse. When cooking the white meat of a chicken it is best to give it to your dog shredded or cut up. Adding this to a small amount of white rice may encourage your dog to eat.

Which Is Better For Dogs, Turkey Or Chicken?

There are several different proteins that are included in dog food, the two most common is turkey and chicken. You may be wondering which is best to give your dog? Turkey and chicken are great choices as they are in high protein. But be mindful that each dog is different and may have food allergies or different taste buds. Ground chicken is proven to be a leaner meat compared to ground chicken; yet normally chicken would have a higher protein content.

When you are choosing which is best for your dog, it is important to note if your dog has any allergies. As dogs get older it is known that they can get food allergies, this means that their body is not able to digest proteins like before.

Research implies that with older dogs, they tend to develop an allergy to chicken, so giving them turkey would be best for them due to the high fat and protein content. Turkey also has lower calories compared to chicken, which is good for older dogs.

Canned chicken is a nice protein to add to a dog’s diet. Remember to keep an eye on your dog for any changes and introduce the chicken slowly. It is best to research the ingredients prior to adding the canned meats to your dog’s food.