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If You Are Wondering What a Chorkie Is, You’ve Come To The Right Place.

Everyone needs a best friend and there is no better choice than a loyal dog by your side. That said, there is such a great wealth of dog breeds you are able to choose from.

If you’re looking for a small toy designer dog that can melt hearts due to cuteness, then you should definitely check out the Chorkie. This dog is small enough that it can definitely fit in your purse. However, it has a huge heart and an even bigger personality.

As it’s a crossbred dog, the Chorkie lives in the best of two worlds. So, it can be the perfect addition for any family looking for another member to love and appreciate.

What is a Chorkie?

Chorkie is the lovable nickname for the cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua. Like a typical crossbred pup, it doesn’t really matter which parent is which, as long as one of them is a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and the other is a purebred Chihuahua.

That said, this combination will always result to an adorable baby Chorkie. Simply judging the sizes of the two breeds this dog came from, a Chorkie’s apparent measurement comes as no surprise to anyone.

Also called by many names such as Yorkiechi and the Chiorkie, the Chorkie is a small and energetic dog with a lovely coat. Absolutely filled with that signature Chorkie energy, this breed is a perfect partner and playmate for any individual or family.


The Chorkie boomed in popularity in the 90s, as the trend during that time was for dogs of smaller size. Since it was such a huge hit in that decade, the breed easily became a mainstay in the world of dog breeding.

However, despite its popularity, the Chorkie did come up to a little bump on the road when it came to recognizing it as an official pedigree breed. This is because they were and still are designer dogs.

But, regardless of that obstacle, it didn’t take long for the Chorkie to become officially recognized by the proper authorities such as The Kennel Club. Not only them though, but even other international breed clubs.

If a Chorkie seems familiar to you, that’s because you have probably seen it while eating at or passing by Taco Bell. While it’s not confirmed, rumor has it that the furry-faced dog fronting the fast food taco brand was a Chorkie.


As previously mentioned, this breed is full of energy, as small dogs tend to be. However, its temperament is a mild combination of the Chorkie’s purebred parents. As opposed to the highly aggressive Chihuahua, the Chorkie is less wild and prefers light play.

Moreover, resting on the owner’s lap is more favorable to them instead of running around the house and dominating everyone in the household.

However, it is very important to remember that both ancestors of this uniquely mixed breed were working dogs. The Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier, while obviously small in size, have a very strong drive for hunting prey. In fact, they do tend to act as if they are terrifying warriors.

That said, the Chorkie may be susceptible to such tendencies as well. However, with good socialization and training, this should not pose a problem at all.

Along with being full of raw energy, the Chorkie breed of dog also has a lot of personality. That being the case, this crossbreed may not be right for everyone, especially not new owners who are unused to more strong-willed canines.

They need a similarly strong-minded owner to set rules and regulations for them to follow. Chorkies can be used as watch dogs too, despite their diminutive statures because of their breeding.

Moreover, Chorkies are able to be nice and live comfortably with other dogs in the house. However, this is much aided if the dogs were raised together since puppyhood. It is also crucial that the Chorkie is not left with a strange dog for too long, as it could become aggressive towards it.

General Appearance

Being a mix of two already tiny dog breeds, it’s only expected that the Chorkie is small as well. Typically weighing in between the range of 5 to 7 lbs, the Chorkie is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world.

While most Chorkies do look the same, varieties will occur depending on how much each dog gets in the way of genetic material from their parents. As such, your Chorkie could have longer legs, or have shorter ones like its Yorkshire Terrier parent.

They have small heads too, usually a more rounded shape due to its Chihuahua parent. Their eyes tend to be the larger, brighter ones, reminiscent of the Yorkshire Terrier and can be brown or black in color.

Furthermore, this breed may have ears that stand straight up or droop downward. They also have strong teeth and jaws that may result in a slight underbite. On top of that, these dogs have very fine bones and small bodies.

Generally, they are covered in luxuriantly soft and fluffy coats. Chorkie fur can come in both short and long coats, largely depending on their Chihuahua parent. Plus, a cute and distinctive characteristic that might catch your fancy – they are likely to have lighter colored eyebrows.

While its Yorkshire Terrier parent can only come in a limited array of colors, thanks to the Chihuahua, expect to find the Chorkie in a great variety of fur colors. As a result, they can be red, gray, brown, or black.

In fact, some of these dogs are also capable of changing fur colors with the seasons. No matter what kind of preference you have, you’re probably able to find a Chorkie in your favorite color because of the variety of their combinations.


Chorkies are a generally low-shedding breed, but they need to be groomed regularly to keep their coats tidy and to reinforce the bond with their owners. Those with short coats may be groomed once or twice a week, but those with coats on the longer side will need an upkeep every other day. They will also need clipping every two months and a monthly bath on top of that, to keep their coats in a pristine condition. You might still need to whip out the vacuum once in a while.

These little dogs do not wear their nails very quickly, so they need periodic trimming. Their ears should also be frequently cleaned, as the excess wax and dirt may cause persistent infections that are very hard to treat. In addition, their teeth should be cleaned both at home and by a professional, as they are prone to dental diseases and may start losing their teeth as early as three years old.

Start with a complete grooming routine during their puppyhood, to ensure your dog will let you do these steps on your own. However, most of the time, your dog will resist some parts of the process and you will have to visit the vet or a grooming parlor to have all of this done the right way.

Ideal Environment

Chorkies do well in all kinds of environments and do not need a huge house or garden to be happy. They will do just fine in an apartment, as long as their play and exercise needs are met. You also have to make sure they are not left alone for too long, as they experience serious anxiety when no one is around.

They can share a home with other pets, including cats and dogs, when trained properly and do fine with older kids. They do not need any special climate and temperature conditions, but you still need to protect them from extreme weather. This is because their tiny bodies tend to overheat or go into hypothermia very fast.

Possible Health Problems

Chorkies are generally healthy dogs and as a hybrid breed, have fewer problems than pure breeds. However, they are still prone to some conditions, such as: skin allergies, problems with their eyes, as well as heart, bone and dental problems.

Eye Problems

Eye problems are common to many terrier breeds and include degeneration of fibers surrounding the lens, as well as a progressive retinal atrophy. These are degenerative conditions which potentially have devastating consequences on the dog’s vision.

One of the means of prevention is to run blood tests to detect the carrier status in potential Yorkshire Terrier parents before they are used in breeding.

Blood Sugar Imbalance

Young pups are at a particular risk of developing hypoglycemia – low blood glucose, most commonly seen around the time of weaning. The pups affected may be lethargic or even have seizures, so you have to watch out for these signs.

In these kinds of situations, a fast reaction is a must. Glucose smeared inside the pup’s cheeks can be a life-saving step.

Dental Disease

A Chorkie’s jaws may fail to align as they normally should, which leaves no adequate space for the adult dog’s teeth. They then become overcrowded and crooked, the tartar build-ups form and a periodontal disease may take place. This is why it is of utmost importance to introduce a toothbrush in early puppyhood and to visit the veterinarian dentist on a regular basis.


These are energetic little dogs that enjoy fun activities both indoors and outdoors. They are curious, active, playful and very entertaining. However, due to their size, their energy levels drain very quickly.

So, a 30-minute walk is quite enough for most of them to be satisfied.

Is This Breed a Good Family Dog?

Chorkies make a good family dog and gets along nicely with older, responsible children that know how to handle a dog of its size. It is not recommended to introduce it to a family with very young children and toddlers. This is because they might accidentally hurt the dog, or irritate it by their curious and clumsy behavior.

That said, these dogs need proper socialization training to get along with other pets in your home. They tend to bark a lot, have a protective nature and may be aggressive towards strangers. That is why it is advisable to have many people come into your home and interact with your dog from a very early age, offering him or her treats and making it feel comfortable around other people.

Chorkies get attached to their owners very quickly and everything you do with them reinforces the bond. That is why they get very anxious when left alone for longer periods of time and that is something you should avoid – at all costs. Having said that, if you have a busy lifestyle and never seem to be home, consider getting another breed, as this dog is certainly not for you.


Chorkies are intelligent little creatures that are eager to please their owners. This means they are not very hard to train, especially if approached with patience and care. Start as early as possible and give yourself and your dog the time to know each other better and get used to the whole process.

The truth is, they can be very stubborn, but on the other hand, they respond very well to positive reinforcement and an award system based on good-quality treats. Because they are so small, cuddly and cute, people tend to forgive them for some of their bad behaviors.

So, you have to be consistent and refrain yourself from these kinds of exceptions, as it will only lead to confusion and make the matters worse. In fact, your dog may even develop a “small dog syndrome.”

House training can also be difficult and take more time compared to the other dog breeds. Remember, patience is the key. Be consistent and reassuring and this small firecracker will learn everything there is to know about being a good dog and a loyal companion for years to come.


Some designer dog breeds pair together very unlikely breeds. In the case of the Chorkie, this really isn’t true. The Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier are similar in many different ways.

As a result, this has culminated in a concentrated but unique mix in the Chorkie. Check out Hellow Dog for other breeds that love a 1 on 1 relationship with their owners.