30 dog and fashion blogs you need to follow today

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Astro Pups

Lucille helps people choose the right dog for their personality. We love that. Too many times we see people choose dogs that aren’t suitable for them.
Lucille was born, raised and educated in England and was a teacher for twelve years. She is a published writer, dog trainer and dog owner. She spent several years researching breeds and learning what kind of dogs would be right for owners and definitely what owners would be right for certain dogs. Her book, AstroPups, used sun signs for personality guides and breeds of dogs were suggested for each Zodiac personality. Interesting!

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Teacup Dog Daily

The purpose of this site is to share knowledge about Teacup Dogs – who knew there were so many? The site owners looks at all the different breeds including their  History, how to train them what food to buy and general tips and tricks when owning a teacup or small sized breed.

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I love my Chi

Cathy loves chihuahuas, she’s lived and worked with dogs all of her life, she is a dog groomer, with a long history of caring for dogs. We love her passion for all things Chihuahua and we think you’ll love her and her site too!

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The Londoner


Rosie has the best go-to blog for everything London has to offer, though overall this lady is a bit of a globetrotter and a pretty epic chef so there is always a little something for everyone.Her super cute companion and mascot, Custard, definitely brings an “awww” factor to her images. He is a “Morkie” or a Maltese cross Yorkie, and yes that is as adorable as it sounds!

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At fashion forte

The über stylish Rosie Fortescue shot to stardom on the BAFTA award winning TV show Made In Chelsea and now writes a successful fashion blog. She is rarely seen without her Miniature Dachshund, Noodle, who could steal the show at any high end event. This pampered pooch even gets to jet off on holiday with Rosie from time to time. They are often found hanging out together at Bluebird on the Kings Road. Go check her and Noodle out now!

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Hello October

Suzie, better know as Hello October, is an avid blogger but it is her beautifully produced videos that shoot her to the top of our list. Her puppy Nala, a cross between a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian, joined the family in July and by the looks of it they are having a blast! Named after Nala from the Lion King she seems to be living up to her playful namesake. She can often be found hanging out with her mummy causing mischief at the office.

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Milk Bubble Tea

Becky is from the North of England and writes the insanely popular blog Milk Bubble Tea. Her partner in crime is a Miniature Dachshund named Oscar who recently turned one! (Happy birthday Oscar.) In her own words her little sausage has turned her in to one of those crazy dog mums, forever instagram-ing pictures of him and colour co-ordinating his toys, but it is clear from the many Oscar appearances on her blog that Becky is completely in love with her little man. Their favourite place to spend time together is the local park.

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Dolly bow bow

Katie AKA Dolly bow bow is big on Youtube her videos are beautiful and her personality is bubbly and energetic, making each post a pleasure to watch. Katie’s dog Miley is a Bichon Frise – the perfect breed for Katie, as she is allergic to most dog breeds. Miley loves getting in to mischief and her favourite treats are Dentastix. The pair can be found chilling out with Kaite’s new baby, Archie.

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The very Simon G

Simon Glazin loves everything fashion and has been on the blog scene for over 6 years; he even won Cosmopolitan magazine’s Male Blogger Of The Year Award 2011/12. His second love is his Dachshund Dhillon who accompanies Simon on many of his adventures. Dhillon AKA Dhilly has been to many a fashion show and press day making him one of the most fashion savvy dog out there. Oh and of course he has appeared in photo shoots for doggy fashion brands. They can be spotted in dog friendly cafes around London’s Primrose Hill and we have insider information they will be trying out Scooby’s Boutique coffee bar pretty soon.

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The Fleur de Force

Fleur is one of the most successful beauty and fashion vloggers in the UK – she currently attract 4-5 million views per month. Her videos and vlogs are down to earth, easy to watch, and she has such an endearing personality. She’s got a 3 dogs family: Squidge (Fleur’s dog) and Treacle (her boyfriend Mike’s dog), who are both Springer Spaniels, and Piglet, a incredibly cute Long Haired Miniature Dachshund and a newer addition to the family. All three of them get on like a house on fire and love their life in the country! Fleur has even set up an Instagam account for all of her furry friends aptly named Fur De Force. Cute!

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All things dog blog

Carrie’s blog offers tips, ideas, and inspiration for making our “life with dog” easier and more enjoyable. They try to help their readers solve problems and prevent new ones. And of course, they have to weave in a little fun and variety too.

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Dr. V is a skilled communicator known for making the complicated accessible as a regular contributing author on sites such as pet360, Good Dog Magazine, Studio One Networks, dvm360, and Petfinder. She has been featured in multiple national outlets such as Ladies Home Journal, Outside Magazine, yahoo, and USA Today. We couldn’t not include her wonderful and informational website.

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Phileas Dogg

Attlee, aka the “Egon Bone-ay of the canine world”, and his team of Rover Reporters have got their paws on the only travel site in the UK put together by dogs, for dogs. They do a wonderful job of letting other doggies know what’s the what of the travel scene. Woof!

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For the love of the dog blog

Spaniel fans will melt when they see the pictures of Deanna Raeke’s gorgeous Springers, Jezzie and Bruti. In fact, all animal lovers can learn something from this campaigner’s strong advocacy of animal wellbeing; she highlights the horrors of puppy mills and digs out details of popular plants that might poison your pet. Plus, there are useful instructions for what to do if your pet isn’t feeling tip top.

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An excellent how-to-guide on making the most of life with your dog, both when you’re at home and away. If you’ve ever forgotten to pack chew toys, then you’ll regret not having read the packing list. And the ideas on how to help your dog enjoy the car make the prospect of a relaxed drive, into town or on a major road trip, seem realistic. Also check out the Pawzaar shop – we dig it!

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Alfies Blog

Animal enthusiasts are sure to appreciate tales of road trips to the Rainbow Basin and Lake Tahoe by Alfie the Entlebucher Mountain Dog. Do also check out this website’s mental agility games, including elaborate versions of hide and seek, that are a fantastic challenge for any intelligent dog

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And a small dog

Need inspiration for your jet-setting pet’s next adventure? Then it’s well worth browsing Leila Coe’s pieces. As a travel agent who specialises in arranging animal-friendly holidays, she recommends destinations that should satisfy even the most demanding of pooches. She also gives their owners advice on logistical issues like finding your canine buddy when your airline has mislaid them.

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My Brown Newfies

Jennifer Costello’s blog is, as she writes, a blend of “dogs, pet health, pet products, family and totally crazy stories”. From dealing with muddy paws to filling Easter Baskets, it’s a charming read

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The Vagabond Adventures

Join Lucie, Lachlan their Heinz 57 and the hous Bow Wow on an epic journey. They visit extraordinary places and offer local communities support. Independent traders, for example, can sell goods on their website. The trio also act as ambassadors for a charity called Back to Africa that rescues endangered species like black rhinos from zoos and rehouses them. These guys make us look at our lives and think we should be doing more to help each other live life to the fullest.

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Gigi Griffis

Follow the twists and turns of Gigi and her dog Luna’s route through France, Italy and Switzerland. You can download guides to Barcelona and Prague, or discover how to live like a local in Verona and budget for a jaunt to Paris. One particularly interesting piece analyses the unexpected benefits of travelling with a dog. They double as a security guard if you’re a solo traveller and act as an alarm call the morning after a long flight. Sweet!

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Untamed Travellers

This is a chronicle of life on the road with Zala, a Dutch Shepherd. There is something here for anybody who’s considered hitting the road with a big dog. It features sound advice on which breeds of dog make the best travel companions and where you should head with them. So far, Zala has spent time on tranquil Thai islands, beautiful Italian beaches and in the olive groves of Southern France.

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The Jet Set Pets

Lucy Carter was the Top Dog at TheJetSetPets.com, the luxury travel resource for the pampered pet on the go. We’re seeing a theme with travelling with your pet!

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Wag the Dog UK

Trina has had many ventures in a variety of businesses, she’s always had a deep love for animals and a knack for working with dogs. As a child, she learned to train, care, and travel with animals, and as an adult, she studied dog nutrition and dog training extensively. Trina shares her love of animals with her mother and aunt, who is a dog breeder.

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That Mutt

Lindsay is a trained journalist and worked in the newspaper world prior to launching her successful blog and dog running business in 2008. She has been self-employed ever since.

Her dog Ace is a 10-year-old black Lab mix. He is one of those gentle souls you can trust around everyone. He has a lot of talents such as drinking an entire toilet bowl of water. He can also fling his drool six feet high onto her walls. Charming!

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3 Boys and a Dog

Kelli lives in a small town on the coast of Southern Alabama, just south of Mobile, with her husband (Ricky) of almost 14 years. They have three wild and wonderfully different little boys, and one totally spoiled little dog named Annie. We’re guessing this family dynamic is what inspired the website name!

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Ammo the Dachshund

Kyley & Mike love taking ammo on adventures, and in 2012 ammo became a certified therapy dog and canine good citizen. Ammo love making people smile and he pack a whole lot of personality inside his tiny dachshund body.

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Champion of my heart

Roxanne a professional freelance writer / journalist and award-winning blogger. Champion of My Heart is a real-time canine memoir, now featuring 2 border collie puppies named Clover and Tori. Follow her for dogs, live, love, and courage!

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Fidose of reality

A dog lover of the highest order, Carol has appeared on television, radio, and in print. She is pet blogger and founder of canine-centric magazine-style dog blog. We also love the humour behind her dog blog!

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Heart like a dog

Living, loving and learning with her dogs. Jodi has all kinds of fun writing about her two crazy pups, Sampson and Delilah.

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Pupstyle is a site devoted to dog luxuries, dog fashion and celebri-dog news and gossip. Founded as a labor of love by New York City’s taste-maker Dara Foster. The site is intended as a vehicle to set higher standards for dog fashion and luxury. We dig it!

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So that’s our list for now – what do you think? Did you find any new inspiring blogs to visit? Let us know in the comments!