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Fashion photographer takes pics of adorable dogs

You’ve probably seen tons of dog pictures out there and even more pictures of dogs who are up for adoption. Photographers everywhere take pictures of these adorable dogs, but you haven’t seen pictures quite like those by Richard Phibbs.

Richard Phibbs is a very successful fashion and art photographer living and working in New York City. He has photographed people like Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein and even has his pictures collected privately by big names, including Bill Clinton. Of course, all of these achievements are amazing, but forgive us for thinking that his shelter dog photography is the most important work he’s done.

Phibbs began volunteering for the benefit of dogs in 2012 and has been working with the Humane Society of New York since then to try and get these lovely cats and dogs adopted. His work has been instrumental in getting these cuties to their new homes faster.

After years of working with animals like this, Phibbs has now collected his work into a book titled “Rescue Me.” It includes all the wonderful animals he’s photographed, with a small piece about that pet’s journey next to the photo. Even the proceeds from the book have gone right to the Humane Society!

If you can’t tell by now, Phibbs is completely committed to helping these animals live the long, happy lives they deserve. He’s done a lot for these cuties and he has continued to work to find many more animal’s homes.

In “Rescue Me,” he writes exactly that – he talks about how he’d love to inspire people to adopt instead of buy. Phibbs definitely understands how amazing dogs are and is working hard so that others understand, too.

Take a look at his Instagram to see more adorable pictures of the dogs that he’s been taking photos of. It’ll be tough to resist falling in love with those cute faces and puppy dog eyes. All of these dogs are up for adoption, but be careful as they might have already been adopted with how much attention they’ve been getting.

Look for Phibbs’ book online, too, not only for some amazing dog pictures, but to help contribute some proceeds to the Humane Society of New York. Not only do you get a lovely book of dogs to look at on rainy days, but also rest easy knowing that tons of dogs just like them are getting the homes and the help they deserve.

Source: @RichardPhibbs via Instagram