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Learn More About The German Shepherd Chow Mix: A Challenging Breed To Train, But Well Worth The Effort

If you are looking to own a German Shepherd Chow Mix but want to do as much research as you can before you commit – you’re in the right place. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about this lovely and clever breed.

What is a German Shepherd Chow Mix?

A German Shepherd Chow mix is exactly what the name implies: a hybrid between a German Shepherd and a Chow. Some might know them as a type of designer dog and even though that label usually gets a bad connotation, German Shepherd Chow mixes are healthy and thriving animals.

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Considering the fact that this is a mixed breed, there is no history for this dog, so all known information about the German Shepherd Chow mix is relatively recent. Nonetheless, both its parents have an enthralling and rich past.German Shepherds originated from Germany and are notorious for their keen insight and loyal assistance as service dogs. They come with considerably good looks and are protective of owners. The German Shepherds’ breeding history is extensive and diverse, but all thanks are due to Von Stephanitz for their popularity and prosperity.Chow chows, on the other hand, come from China and are regularly compared to cats. They are an independent, sturdy breed and like cats, they can be reserved and do not require constant attention, though they will be sure to let you know when they want it. Don’t let its stubborn nature trick you into thinking they are lazy, though – Chow chows have been used as sport dogs due to their high speed and stamina since the early ages.


A German Shepherd Chow mix pup can develop distinct personality characteristics from both bloodlines. The dominant genes will be the ones that determine your puppy’s personality traits along with proper positive reinforcement training from you or others.Even though gene dominance plays an important role in overall temperament, be aware that all mixes will need a tremendous amount of exercise. Your puppy will be an energetic and easily bored dog and if you do not stimulate him cognitively and physically on a daily basis with differing methods, expect trouble.You will find the general natures of both breeds conveniently separated in order to help distinguish what attitudes go with which dog and differentiate which genes your puppy took after.

German Shepherd Temperament Side

German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and energetic dogs, so they require constant mental and physical stimulation to avoid boredom. A bored German Shepherd can cause mayhem, behavior-wise and so, regular games and exercise will prevent that from happening.This breed becomes fiercely protective of their families, but they are sweet and playful with the people they trust. That said, most mixes take after the Shepherd’s energetic, loyal and bouncy personality.

Chow Chow Character Side

The Chow chow is also a clever dog but has a more independent spirit than the German Shepherd. They will occasionally seek human attention by demanding caresses or play time, but can entertain themselves, as well. A mixed pup will likely take his predecessor’s stubborn side, but will also be a very intelligent breed which the right owner will be thrilled with.

General Appearance

Physical Characteristics 

Your pup’s physical characteristics will vary greatly to other German Shepherd Chow mixes because it all depends on which breed has a more dominant presence in their genes. Nevertheless, there are certain traits that the majority of German Shepherd Chow mixes take after.First of, a mixed puppy’s coat will resemble the Chow chow more than the German Shepherd, so expect a fluffy, long and thick coat from your pup instead of the shorter-haired Shepherd coats. Their coat color can come in any combination of the following colors: tan, red, black, dark and light brown, blue and lastly, white.German Shepherd Chow mix puppies will generally have a long muzzle like their Shepherd parent. Their ears will be standing up with flopping tops and their tails will curve up.

Size and Weight

Generally speaking they can weigh anywhere from 40-80 pounds and stand at 19-26 inches tall. They are a relatively large breed and will require sufficient space and food to go with it.

Overall health and potential problems

German Shepherd Chow mixes are healthy dog breeds with the normal potential issues of any Shepherd or Chow chow. Life expectancy for these dogs can be anywhere between 10-12 years. You should always consult with your dog’s vet to ensure proper nutrition and growth, and to prevent health problems. Health issues that can arise in your puppy can be any of the following: hip dysplasia, flea allergies, heart problems, eye problems, bloating, and joint dysplasia.For optimal health, your puppy should be groomed daily and have his teeth brushed four times a week. A bath can be given every time the need arises with specialized dog shampoo. It will also be very likely that you will have to take him to the groomer approximately two times a month or more for a regular nail trimming and ear cleaning session.



German Shepherd Chows are known to shed constantly and need to be groomed on a regular basis. Taking after its Chow parent, this breed is known for a having a large fluffy coat. During the shedding season, this problem unfortunately only increases.You will need to brush your dog two-three times regularly on a daily basis. Keep a vacuum handy as well, one with a pet brush would be ideal to keep your furniture and upholstery hair free.Giving your Chow a bath weekly is a great idea too. Use a specialized dog formula shampoo rather than your personal shampoo. Shampoo when needed, but not so often as to dry out your dog’s skin.


Your Chow will also need to have his nails clipped and kept neat. Pet stores generally offer specialized canine nail clippers to help make the job easier. It’s important not to clip your dog’s nails too short. Unlike humans, dogs do have nerves and blood vessels that extend further down so you don’t want to cut and hurt your dog.

Ideal Environment


This designer breed is a larger dog.  A mix between a German Shepherd and a Chow Chow, both large breeds, they can weigh upwards of 95 pounds. This breed thrives best in spacious homes and backyards and they require adequate space to run freely and not be confined.Large yards that are enclosed by a tall fences are best for them. Since they have heavy thick fluffy coats, they also tend to like cooler temperatures rather than hot ones.


These dogs are a highly social and loyal breed. They love attention, activity and grow to be loving and protective dogs, making them ideal for families. They are great with children and will welcome new additions if trained to be social from young. Training will be the key to this dog’s behavior.Make sure to train this breed young and you will have a great family dog. They also make for wonderful watchdogs and are known to defend its home and family fiercely. Remember one of its parents is the German Shepherd which is often the preferred breed for police and military.If you don’t have a lot of time to spend with your dog, then this is not the breed for you, as they require a large amount of love and attention. When not given the attention it craves, it can get bored and act out.As loving as they are to their families, its Chow genetics can tend to show through when it comes to strangers. It can be cautious when introduced to new people. Be sure to make the effort to socialize your puppy early on in parks, with people, children and other animals.


This is a larger breed but it’s important not to overfeed your dog. Since this breed may be predisposed to hip and joint dysplasia, it’s vital to keep your dog as healthy as possible. Diet will vary from dog to dog and it’s a good idea to work with your veterinarian to set up a specialized diet plan for your dog. Supplements like fish oil, glucosamine and chondroitin can help alleviate dysplasia symptoms.In general, you should feed your dog three to four cups of dry dog food split up over at least two feeding sessions. Any additional supplements and moist food should be added in a regular and consistent schedule.

Possible Health Problems

The German Shepherd Chow is a generally healthy dog with no major notes of concern. But this breed is still relatively new and there may be developing health issues that we do not yet know about. Most likely, these issues will be health issues common to one of their parent breeds.Some of the most common health issues known to be common in the Chow and German Shepherd breeds are: hip dysplasia, flea allergies, heart problems, eye problems, bloating and joint dysplasia.One of the best ways to be aware of your dog’s health is to purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder who is knowledgeable about your puppy and its parents. Breeders will screen its animals and only breed the most healthy dogs. You will be able to learn about your dog’s genetic and medical history.This breed’s lifespan tends to run about ten to fourteen years.


This breed is known to be bundles of energy! Both parent breeds are also well known to be very active breeds. They require a lot of exercise, attention and mental stimulation. A large athletic breed, they prove to be very trainable and they always enjoy a good game or two.You will want to walk your dog at least a couple of times per day.Taking your dog to the park as much as possible and playing frisbee or fetch will keep your dog happy and amused.Check out the latest dog treadmills to exercise your dogGerman Shepherd Chows are a loyal dog with a pack mentality, making them a great breed to go jogging, cycling or hiking with. It is best, though, to keep your dog leashed as they love to chase whatever takes its fancy.This breed’s high level of intelligence makes it prone to becoming bored of activities quickly. It is important to change up your dog’s exercise routine often.


You should also be aware that these dogs, although family-friendly, do need to be properly trained and socialized to guarantee wonderful companionship. A professional obedience training program is highly recommended to diminish future behavioral misconducts and instill proper socializing habits at a young age.They are not socially inclined towards other animals or children by nature and must be taught how to interact with them adequately. They are dogs that get along well with older children instead of younger ones. Do not leave young children unattended unless the dog is already well-acquainted with them.German Shepherd Chow mix dogs are wonderful animals to own but they are by far not the easiest. Potential owners must look at spacing and time availability because they will need large amounts of it in order to be fully happy. Homes with large, open backyards are the best suited to house a German Shepherd Chow mix.

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