Golden Retriever Husky Mix : Goberians Are Made For Family Life

Hybrid dogs are common today not just because dog owners are fascinated by the endless exploration of personality combinations of different breeds, but also because of the desire to combine the best of two pure breeds. The Golden Retriever Husky Mix, commonly known as a Goberian, is a fairly unique hybrid dog. The name Goberian is a merge of the names Golden Retriever and Siberian Husky It has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If you are looking into getting a Goberian, then you will need to know whether it is the desired dog for you and your family. You need concrete information about it like its origin, temperament, cost, training, health needs, sociability and even grooming. Let’s take a peek at what the Golden Retriever Husky Mix is all about.

​What is the origin of Golden Retriever Husky Mix?

Despite being around for the past decade, Goberians still remain rare. They take on the characteristics of both the Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever, but tend to look more like the latter. Research has not clearly established the history of the Goberian. The Goberian is an amazing dog and mostly sociable with children. It is also compatible with other pets.

The hybrid dog is an excellent breed commonly found in the US. Its origin can be traced to the 19th century when it was bred to excel as a waterfowl retriever. The original breeder, Lord Tweedmouth, wanted a loyal and even-tempered dog that would also prove great for hunting. A hunting dog then was required to have traits that increased the catch. His efforts did not go unrewarded. The Golden Retriever takes pride in sniffing and tracking which are the primary hunting characteristics. It was not until 1920 that this breed received formal recognition as Golden Retrievers.

Today, Golden Retrievers make great family pets. They have a tolerant attitude and are very friendly which makes them welcome to any home. Their agile characteristics make them best suited for sports activities. The Golden Retrievers are alert, self-confident and require lots of exercises. They are also intelligent, which makes them highly trainable. It goes without saying that no breeder would turn away from such dependable characteristics.

Siberian Husky​

The Siberian Husky traces its origin to the nomadic tribes of Siberia known as the Chukchi. It has a thick coat, brush tail and perky ears that depict its heritage. It is independent, intelligent, hardy and energetic. These characteristics make it best suited for a working dog as it is commonly known. It was mainly used to pull sleds through the harsh arctic environments. The Siberian Husky would keep kids warm by sleeping with them since they were trusted animals in the nomadic community. These dogs gained the interest of many the owners in Alaska, hence their importation in 1980. The American Kennel Club endorsed this breed in 1930.

It is not a surprise that the stunning looks of the Siberian Husky draw many breeders. The Siberian Husky has a thick coat that comes in a variety of colors. Its multicolored or blue eyes are striking characteristics you cannot ignore. The Siberian Husky is indeed a charming and energetic dog.

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The physical appearance of a Goberian

The size of the Goberian ranges between medium to large. An ideal Goberian weighs between 35 to 80 pounds. Golden Retrievers and Siberian Huskies are quite large; therefore it is no surprise to find Goberians growing into big pooches, up to 20 to 24 inches tall. The Goberian has a rounded head, narrow muzzles, and floppy ears. It goes without saying that this designer dog takes on the characteristics of its parents. The Goberian have soulful brown eyes like Golden Retriever; while others have piercing blue eyes like the Siberian Husky. Its body mostly resembles a Golden Retriever, but the tail and legs mainly look like the Siberian Husky. In most cases, the Goberian has a double coat, which is dense on the inside and light and wavy on the outside. The common coat colors include white, cream, brown, black, grey and golden.

The general temperament of a Golden Retriever Husky Mix

The Golden Retriever Husky Mix is a social dog. Just like the Golden Retriever, it is very tolerant. It is a friendly and social dog that loves the company of people. The dog is always alert and can make a great watch dog. Dog owners praise it for its intelligence and independence. The active dog is friendly to children and other pets. It is very eager to learn and extremely obedient, making it easy to train. Goberians often have a preference to one member of the family but are not hostile to the others. The Goberian is loveable.​

​Their loyalty to family and people they are fond of makes them inherently suspicious of newcomers. Luckily they are not aggressive. A sufficiently trained Goberian can distinguish between harmless strangers and those that pose threats.The Golden Retriever Husky Mix is very active and wonders away when left outside. They ought to be watched closely, especially when taken for walks or exercises.

How and when to train a Goberian

Training a Goberian can be the easiest task and yet the most challenging. Despite their obedience and loyalty, they are intensely independent. Chaperoning them is an uphill task. However, it is possible for dog owners to achieve outstanding training. Instructors who start training a puppy allow them enough time to adjust. Training a fully grown Goberian is way tougher. As they say ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’ The trainer taking this approach should learn the dog’s favorite activities. He should maximize on this activities to always have the dog’s attention. He should also keep sessions brief. Lengthy activities would bore and wear out the dog. Dog treats and toys will keep the dog on toes and motivated to learn.

Sometimes Goberians are stubborn and exceedingly tough to train. In their intelligence, they often test the master’s skills. This trait can intimidate the master and trainer causing low morale to teach a Goberian. In this instances, dog owners must be very patient. In training, the teacher should make the dog understand who the master is. He should also create a friendly environment. The more the persistence in training the better the result!

Suitable and unsuitable living conditions of a Goberian

While other dogs sulk and endure separation anxiety when split from their previous homes, the Goberian prefers their time alone as they are known for their constant independence. Aside from theses solitude, the Goberian is equally active and curious about its surroundings. It does not like a locked-in situation where it cannot explore. A house with a spacious backyard would do the trick. Apartment owners may not be giving the Goberian enough space and should engage them in a lot of outdoor activity.

Goberians have a double coat. They are not receptive to hot temperature. Thus they thrive in the cold. The dogs are prone to heat stroke when exposed to so much heat. A Golden Retriever Husky Mix does well in areas with moderate temperature and even better in an area with a moderately cold temperature.

Feeding a Golden Retriever Husky Mix

Feeding time for the Goberian requires a division in the manner of size. Dogs that are medium and large must be fed three to four cups of very high-quality dog feed within 24 hours. Dog owners divide this amount into two meals. The Goberian is an extremely active dog. Their feed is directly proportional to their daily activities. Dog owners ought to keep the dogs’ teeth and gums clean by giving them dry food.

In the dog’s diet, it is advisable to include vegetables and raw meat. Steer clear of food rich in carbohydrates since the dogs have a digestive system devised for protein digestion. Store bought, and commercial dog food is not an owner’s best resort. This kind of diet tends to affect the dog’s growth, health, and coat appearance.

The Health Problems of a Goberian

Goberians are healthy creatures. They are not known for any threatening conditions to shorten their lifespan. However, just like any other healthy mixed breed dog, they are exposed to certain health conditions. The dogs often inherit these conditions from their parents. There are various conditions genetically transferred to the offspring. Inclusive of this rare instances are epilepsy, eye problems, cardiovascular disease, skin allergies, food allergies and hip and joint dysplasia.

​With necessary care for the dog and love from the owner, the Goberian is likely to live up to 13-15 years old.

​The ability of Goberians to socialize

How social is a Goberian Husky Mix? People often refer to the Goberians as playful and friendly. For the Goberian to grow into a sociable and lovable dog, early training is paramount. They often pick this trait easily when taught as a puppy. Early socialization is important especially to your family, kids and other pets in the surrounding. To achieve positive socialization qualities, you can spend some great quality time with your dog. Supposing you are a busy individual, taking the dog to a doggie kindergarten would achieve the same result. It is important not to lock a Goberian up all the time. Expose the dog to new faces and surroundings frequently.

By taking your Goberian dog for often strolls and walks in the park, you will achieve social skills. Meeting other dogs and people creates a bond. The dog meeting with its parents also increases constructive social behavior a notch higher.​

How to keep a Goberian groomed and clean

The Goberian boasts of a two-coated body - the inner soft and thick outer coats. Their outer coat is very dense, straight and wavy. Despite the two coats, Goberians demand a less task of grooming. They also shed less. In spite of this attractive feature of less labor, owners must uphold the animal’s cleaning needs.

A clean dog is a healthy dog. The dog is guaranteed a beautiful look when clean. The owner also has a chance to examine the dog for any abnormalities. In the case of any noted defects, early treatment or prevention takes course.

The double coat calls for an effective brushing schedule. Brushing at least once every two days, helps you to control shedding.

​Their teeth require regular brushing of up to 3 to 4 times in a week. Dirt tends to accumulate behind the ears of these dogs. Professional dog groomers suggest that the ear is cleaned at least once a week. A professional groomer will also help in the task if you are not fully equipped for it.

Dog owners should give the Goberian a bath when the need arises. Overdoing the dog’s bath is not necessary. Bathing the dog frequently is distractive to the coat. When you have to bathe your Golden Retriever Husky mix, you should use a specific dog shampoo. Never use human hair shampoo. This can greatly damage the coat as well.

How much is a Golden Retriever Husky Mix

The cost of an average new Goberian Puppy ranges between $250 and $1500. Considering the desirable traits of this dog like it is not prone to diseases, the price is fare. It is advisable to buy a Goberian puppy so as to train it at a tender age.A Goberian’s yearly medical expense stretches from $485 to $600. These expenses come about from the rare diseases caused by genetics. Keeping the dog well-groomed can save you the extra cash.

General annual expenses of a Goberian, excluding medical charges range from $ 920 to $1000.


The Goberian is a hybrid dog made from a combination of a Siberian husky and a Golden Retriever. The union of the two dogs creates a loyal, obedient, friendly, social and talented dog. This dog has a double coat that enables it to live in areas of cold temperature. The dog can also do great in areas of moderate temperature. Goberians have a life span of 13 to 15 years and are not prone to diseases. Due to their double coated body, they are brushed twice a week reducing shedding. The Goberian does not do well in the enclosed environment as it is active and curious. A Goberian owner has assured a friendly companion that is safe for the kids and other pets. If you are looking for the complete definition of man’s best friend, the Goberian is your dog!​

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