Petplan Insurance Review: Plan Info, Costs and Things to Watch Out For

Petplan Insurance Review: Plan Info, Costs and Things to Watch Out For

As we spend more time with our furry companions, they inevitably become part of our family. Because of that, we would definitely want to take care of them as much as we can.

However, veterinary checkups and treatments do not come cheap. After all, just like us humans, they also need to go to a hospital for routine checkups and other medical treatments if necessary.

Good thing you are also able to provide insurance for your pets to save you from paying extravagant medical bills. Now, pet insurance is not a new thing; the first pet insurance was even written in 1890 by Claes Virgin.

TrustPilot Rating:Correct as of April 2018Our Rating:Read reviews on Consumer AdvocateRead our guide on the top insurance for cats and dogsThough it focused on horses and livestock, it slowly evolved into what is popularly known now as pet insurance – being more inclusive to other animals. Many people compare pet insurance to human health insurance and it is actually not the same.

It is, in actuality, a form of property insurance. Pet insurance companies reimburse pet owners after their pets have received care. The owner then files a claim for reimbursements for the expenses incurred.

While there are numerous insurance providers available, it is necessary to find the perfect match for your pet. After all, you only want what is best for your loved ones. Today, I will discuss and review one that has been around for years – Petplan Pet Insurance.  

About Go Petplan Pe​​​​t Insurance

Based in Philadelphia, Petplan Pet Insurance provides insurance for pet owners to cover veterinary bills. A sister company of Petplan UK, it is the world’s largest pet insurer with other companies based in France, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand.

In United States, it provides licensed insurance in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia. Founded in 2003, the company took time to get established.

As the company has continued to grow and expand to more countries, they have also adapted to technology as it advances by launching a website as well as a phone app to help their customers reach out to them anywhere, day and night.

Our pets are our companions that give us unconditional love and there is no better way to reciprocate their affection than taking care of their health and wellness. This is why Petplan exists: they put pets first and they are here to ensure the health and long life of your pets.

It is their mission to provide pet owners peace of mind in regards to your beloved pet’s well-being. They are dedicated to help you support your pet’s needs, offering resources and tools to keep your fur babies thriving into old age – not just merely surviving.  


Broad Range Coverage

The company offers a variety of coverage that will definitely suit your pet’s lifestyle, breed and health condition. Policyholders choose between annual or per-condition deductible, which gets deducted from your reimbursement after your co-pay has been applied.

If you want to keep your premium low, opt for a per-condition deductible, as this only applies to each separate condition for the duration of your policy term. Both deductibles’ annual limit and selected deductible reset at renewal.

Covered for Life

Being enrolled covers your pet for life. They do not drop coverage due to age or at the onset of an illness, as long as there were no symptoms present prior to your policy or during the 15-day waiting period.

Affordable and Comprehensive Plans

They also offer affordable monthly premiums that provide enough coverage to protect your pet’s health. These are adjustable based on your coverage amount, reimbursements as well as the deductibles you have selected.


With each month that your pet is enrolled to their plan, your pet earns gifts, treats and other rewards available to their policyholders. They also provide a free subscription to their quarterly pet health magazine entitled “Fetch!”This magazine is written and reviewed by trusted veterinarians, which features articles and topics that dog and cat owners can definitely relate to.


Free for all their policyholders, they give you a website or mobile phone app that provides 24/7 access to pet experts and vet doctors to manage your upcoming vet appointments.

You also get to keep tab of your companion’s medical records and they even answer your pressing queries regarding your pet’s health.

What They Cover

Most pet insurance providers cover illnesses and injuries to a certain degree, but they provide an extensive protection of your pet’s health, regardless of age and breed.

With all the available pet insurances everywhere, it is difficult to select the one that is best for you and your pet’s needs, that is why I have written this comprehensive review.

That being said, they offer you a competitive pet insurance coverage plan that definitely shows you that they love to care for your furry companions. To start off, they build your personalized plan based on your pet’s age.

They insure pets as young as 6 weeks to even 20+ years, though it can be more expensive to insure an older pet due to additional risks. Next, they take into account your location, as veterinary costs vary from one region to another.

They also insure all kinds of dog and cat breeds. However, there are certain breeds that have higher hereditary or genetic risk factors, which makes it more expensive as well. All their coverages include:

  • checkAccidents (also resulting to injuries)
  • checkIllnesses
  • checkVeterinary examination fees
  • checkImaging (CAT scan, ultrasound and MRI)
  • checkDiagnostic treatment and testing
  • checkSurgeries
  • checkHospitalization
  • checkPrescription medications
  • checkEmergency care
  • checkHereditary
  • checkCongenital and chronic conditions
  • checkCancer treatments
  • checkNon-routine dental treatment
  • checkRehabilitation and other alternative therapies

That being said, they also offer optional coverage for behavioral therapies, loss due to straying or theft, boarding kennel fees and death from injury or illnesses.

However, they do not provide coverage for:

  • Vaccinations
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Routine and wellness care (including spay/neuter service, teeth cleaning, preventive care exams and office visits)
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Liability coverage


When you choose Petplan Pet Insurance, you’re able to pick plans that are customizable. This means that you are able to change the cost related to coverage, alter the deductible and choose your reimbursement selections.

Customizing any of these factors will determine the overall price of your pet insurance. Many pet parents wonder about the specifics though, especially when it comes to reimbursement.

As mentioned, just like when you purchase a human insurance plan, Petplan Pet Insurance comes with reimbursement options. Based on your finances and your pet’s health, you are able to choose a plan with a higher or lower deductible.

Choose from 70%, 80% and 90% reimbursement plans: Let’s say you pick 70%: this means that the insurance will cover 70% of the incident, while you have to pay the last 30%.Keep in mind though that you will have to pay the initial bill entirely yourself.

After you submit your claim, you will be reimbursed depending on your policy. Compared to other insurance companies, they pay out much faster. For them, it usually takes only 5-14 days, rather than the 30-day maximum they discuss.

Keep an eye on your reimbursement using the new app, which allows you to see a paperless reimbursement on your phone. This does not mean you will always get the full amount of your reimbursement though.

How much money you receive depends on the specific conditions of your insurance plan. Take a look to see the maximum amount the policy will pay out for a specific condition or procedure. However, most people are happy with their reimbursement plan and love how flexible it is.

When you purchase a plan, there’s a high degree of leeway that you are able to mix and match to get just the amount of coverage you need.

Here’s what you can expect them to pay out on some common conditions:


Average cost

Petplan paid

Cruciate Injuries $3,480 $3,032
Neoplasia (cancer) $2,033 $1,729
Foreign Body Ingestion $1,755 $1,479
Lameness $966 $769
Non-specific GI Disease (vomiting) $850 $665
Periodontal Disease $846 $661
Allergies $777 $599

Data supplied by PetPlan


Comprehensive Coverage

Many insurance plans don’t cover all conditions, but Petplan Pet Insurance covers even less commonly insured problems.

If your pet is predisposed to certain genetic conditions due to breeding or some other outside cause, you don’t have to worry about being turned down for insurance. Petplan doesn’t only cover hereditary problems, but also congenital conditions and chronic illnesses.

There are no claim limits either, so depending on your finances, you are able to get everything covered. Coverage also extends to older pets, making this pet insurance ideal for senior pets. In addition, there’s no upper limit on the age that you are able to enroll your pet in the program.

This means that if your older pet suddenly needs health insurance to cover medical expenses, you are still able to receive coverage.

Customer Satisfaction

Petplan Insurance is one of the most highly rated pet insurance companies, with a consistently high level of support from customers. In part, this is because of the easy filing process.

Using the Petplan app, you’re able to file a claim or talk to a customer service agent at any time of the day. You are also able to call in whenever you need help by phone or by live chat. During business hours, you’re even able to contact agents on social media.

Discount Options

When you purchase your policy online with Petplan, you are able to get a 5% discount on your usual monthly premiums. This isn’t the only discount available either; if you’ve got multiple pets that need insurance, Petplan will offer you discounts to insure more than one pet with them.

By contrast, many other insurance companies charge you the same premiums, no matter how many pets you insure.

Increased Coverage

Many pet insurance companies don’t offer coverage for prescriptions, meaning that you usually have to pay for those fully. If your pet is sick, those medications can really add up. That said, Petplan offers comprehensive prescription coverage, which is a big plus.

There are no lifetime or per-incident claim limits either. If your pet needs ongoing coverage, you don’t need to worry about your claims being denied. There are also no limits on incidents that require repeated visits to the vet.



With Petplan Insurance, you are required to take your pet for yearly checkups and dental checkups. This is the main reason why claims are denied.

Petplan does this to make sure that any issues with your pet are caught in time. However, people are often annoyed by this requirement, especially since these visits are not covered by Petplan.

Additionally, you also cannot get your pet covered right away. If you have an emergency, you are not covered until at least two days have passed. In other words, during a serious situation where you have to go to the vet, you won’t be covered unless it’s been two days.

Even if you are insured, in order to be covered, you have to take your pet in for treatment within 48 hours. Claims are most often denied because people waited too long before getting their pet’s issues addressed by the vet.

Petplan would have to pay out more if you waited longer and your pet’s condition worsened, which is why you have to go to the vet as soon as you begin to see signs of illness.

Issues with Coverage and Price

Petplan Pet Insurance does have a high level of coverage, but they also have a high level of exclusions too that will prevent coverage. Check on your policy to be sure that your pet’s condition is covered before you purchase the plan.

Premiums have also been known to increase over time. This means that as your pet gets older, you’re likely to pay a little bit more. It’s not entirely clear how much these prices rise, although Petplan does make it known that the prices do rise over time.

This makes Petplan one of the costliest insurance plans available.

Logistical Issues

For older pet owners, there have been issues with figuring out the usage of the app. It may be confusing or inconvenient for some and much more difficult than the usual process. There is also a transaction fee required for each claim.


It makes sense that so many pet owners love Petplan Pet Insurance when it comes to keeping their pet safe and happy. There’s a large coverage plan, adjustable policies, great customer service and increased discount options.

If you are able to overlook some of the logistical issues and remember to go in for your yearly checkups, I think it’s safe to say that Petplan might be the preferred pet insurance company for you and your pet.Visit Petplan Inurance

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