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A Guide To Understanding The Pitbull Husky Mix – Pitsky’s Are Wonderful!

A Pitbull Husky mix might sound a tad unusual but these designer breeds are by no means a new phenomenon. They have been known to be incredibly affectionate and loyal companions. For the right person or family, this dog will prove to be just as endearing as any other pooch.

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Understanding the Breed​

A Pitsky would likely be a cross between an American Pitbull and a Siberian or Alaskan Husky. Individually these breeds are already incredibly popular with dog owners, and are easily recognisable. Their characteristics are popular and most cross breeds are known to take on some characteristics from each of their parent.

In this case, both parent breeds are known to be extremely family friendly, good with children and loyal. Pitbulls are fiercely protective, strong and loyal pets, notorious for their authoritative stance, muscular features and square shaped head. The Husky is a similarly devoted and loving dog with bounds of energy. It thrives off human interactions and play. Their relatively tall, wolf-like appearance is quite a contrast to the Pitbull’s. What then can you expect from the Pitbull Husky mix?

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As expected, the Pitsky is an embodiment of good qualities passed down from both of these breeds. They are stoutly built, medium to large sized canines with a broad head and pointed ears. Depending on its parents, it could be adorned with either the short coat of a Pitbull or the long, rugged hair common with the Husky.

A Pitsky will probably weigh somewhere in the range of 35 to 65 pounds and grow up to 25 inches tall. Overall, they are a stocky, compactly sized breed, giving off a strong and muscular body tone.

Do remember though that no one can guarantee or predict a pet’s actual size or appearance. Especially for cross breeds, it is possible to inherit its parent’s traits in unpredictable combos, so to speak.

What Temperament Can I Expect?

In general, they are generally well tempered and friendly, although they do harbor a certain protective personality.

As is the case with all dogs, the personality of the Pitsky can straddle a delicate balance between nature and nurture so do remember that your training and care for your Pitsky is just as important as its inherent character.

Ultimately, they are dogs which possess a huge amount of vitality and are highly suitable as family pets that are great with everyone from young children to seniors.

The Pitsky breed definitely isn’t a lazy one so be prepared to cater to its love of activity and exercise. It thrives outdoors whether it’s in the warm or cold climate and loves nothing more than hiking or running by the beach. In fact, some experts even describe it as hyperactive. Be sure to set aside regular time to exercise with your dog so it doesn’t turn to negative attention and seek activities such as digging holes to expend its energy.

Your Pitsky doesn’t like to be left alone much and if it doesn’t get out much, its isolation and lack of exercise can most probably render it irritable, or even aggressive and anxious. Due to this trait, a Pitsky is likely to be more suitable for a family environment where there are several family members to always be around and cater to its need for company and belonging.

The Pitsky is a particularly strong-willed dog, whose dedication to you could sometimes pose a danger to perceived threats against yourself. As such, you’d want to dedicate some time in socializing your dog. Let it get used to being around other people and dogs so it learns to behave well and be calm. Socializing is also important in teaching your dog not to chase after every other little animal it comes across. Overall, the dog will take after his master, as the saying goes so if you are an enthusiastic and active person who nurtures and trains your dog with care and patience, your Pitsky will be an affectionate, calm companion who knows how to keep you and your family safe when needed.

Feeding Schedule

For a dog that possesses such high levels of energy as the Pitsky, a well-planned, consistent feeding schedule is essential for the upkeep of its health. The best way to determine what food to feed, as well as when and how often to feed her, is to consult your vet and/or even your dog’s previous owners to see what has worked well in the past.

If your Pitsky is a puppy, feed it high quality food that is made just for puppies. In fact, do try to keep your pup on the same food that it was accustomed to at its previous owner’s or breeder’s. This will allow you to be sure that it is a brand that your pup is already used to and eliminate any risk of stomach upsets.

As your Pitsky pup transits into adulthood, feed your dog according to its age group and feed it adequately to sustain its daily energetic activity. There are a wide range of options out there when it comes to dog food. The key is to purchase high quality, time of life appropriate products.

Training and Exercising with a Pitsky

Training and exercise are undoubtedly significant factors in your dog’s happiness and general well-being; more so for a Pitsky than most other breeds. As with any pet, early training is of the utmost importance to its development. Take advantage of your dog’s youthful curiosity to teach it how to conduct itself. This will also act as early bonding time, so that in addition to social skills, you’d be teaching your dog obedience too. For the animated Pitsky, early socialisation is especially crucial. Introduce your dog promptly to a myriad of different people and a few fellow canines; this will be helpful to its social skills.

It is also important to teach your Pitsky the importance of privacy. A Pitsky which feels abandoned can soon become a very aggravated pet. Without a doubt, this could be detrimental to both of your happiness and would be taxing on your family. Your Pitsky needs to understand that solitude does not necessarily mean rejection or punishment.

As it grows older, exercise is all the more important as mentioned. If you are a jogger or a hiker, your Pitsky will happily share in your hobby with you. Otherwise, long walks will be required to satisfy its energy levels. Ideally, your living arrangements should include a yard or garden for your dog to happily move around and exercise in.

Grooming Your Pitbull Husky

The grooming a Pitbull Husky mix really depends on its length of hair. Depending on which parent it takes after, your Pitsky’s coat can vary from very short to relatively long. Whatever its coat, it is important to note that it does shed all year round with a higher frequency and volume during the spring and fall seasons.

A longer coat requires fairly regular bathing and combing to prevent poor hygiene and knotted fur, whereas a short coat requires much less effort on your part. Your Pitsky can get away with monthly baths and the usual regular brushing if it only has a short coat.

Also, as with any other pet, you must keep an eye on your dog’s nails, teeth and ears. Brush its teeth a few times a week, clean its ears fortnightly and keep its nails trimmed when needed.

Is a Pitbull Husky Suitable for Your Lifestyle or Your Family?

Now that you understand more about the Pitsky, you may be wondering how suitable it is for your lifestyle. This is indeed a crucial question to ask before any pet so here are some points to consider.

  • A Pitsky Needs Company. This dog is a particularly gregarious breed. It may become anxious and generally bad-tempered if left alone for too long. If you live on your own, you would have to be prepared to spend a lot of time with your pet. If you have to work for many hours at a time without returning home, you would need to find some sort of company for your pet – be that another dog, or a dog sitting service. The main point to consider is that you will have to unwaveringly commit to your dog and dedicate a good deal of your time to maintain a good relationship.
  • One for the Family. Once trained properly, your Pitbull Husky mix will get along with all the members its home. It will enjoy playing with young children, having the capacity to easily develop spirited, loving relationships with other members of the household. It is playful and affectionate, thriving in a loving and fun environment. Likewise, it doesn’t shy away from guests who are friendly to her. If she perceives a danger incumbent on her family, however, she will become extremely protective. If you have children in the family, the Pitsky is certainly a good choice!


Overall, a Pitsky would likely be a happy addition to your household, as long as you have the time and the energy to raise it right and stick by it. Its fun loving and energetic nature will endear it to young children and your family. If you raise your Pitsky right, it will reward you with all its adoration, loyalty and protection.