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9 Tricks for Removing Dog Smell From Home, Car or Office

What we love: our cuddly, furry pets. What we don’t love: the stench they can sometimes leave in our home. While our dogs may be lovable, they also cause certain unbearable scents that can linger throughout the whole house.
Check out these tricks to remove those strong pet odors.

1. Clean the Dog Bed

orthopedic dog bed

You enjoy nestling into a warm, clean bed at night, so your dog should receive that same luxury as well. Make sure you are washing your dog’s orthopedic dog bed every other week and vacuuming it every week.

Most dog bed covers are meant to be washed in the machine, so you should be able to remove it and place in the washer. Try adding stain repellent to the cover to maintain a fresh smell and clean feeling.

2. Keep Hardwood Floors Squeaky Clean

If you own a playful and mischievous pup, they are guaranteed to track dirt and any other particles that may fall off their body, in the house. Be sure to clean your floors as much as possible by washing hardwood floors with hot water and a heavy cleaning formula.

When sweeping, gentle is the best way to go. Make sure not to fiercely sweep and cause the dirty chemicals to brush up in the air. Gently sweep to allow the debris to enter the dustpan, followed by carefully leading the particles into the trash can. Keep the dust from escaping the trash can by applying a paper towel on top of the dust.

Make sure you’ve rid the floors of excess dirt and particles by grabbing a mop and grazing the floor one last time to ensure clean floors. That might already be enough to get rid of most of the dog odor in your home.

3. Use Simple House Items to Extinguish Dog Odors

Believe it or not, items like vodka or baking soda can go a long way.
Just a tiny drop of vodka a few times a week on your dog’s bed can be a simple, but an efficient method for getting rid of unwanted dog smell.

Baking soda is also a safe and easy way to keep your house smelling fresh and clean. Just pour a little bit on your furniture, dog bed, and anywhere else your dog may be found relaxing to maintain a more enjoyable scent.

4. Steam Clean Carpets

The hardwood isn’t the only flooring that should be constantly cleaned. Be sure to pay just as much attention to your carpets by steam cleaning and consistently vacuuming them.

If your furry buddy sheds a large amount, you may want to consider vacuuming at least twice a week or more to make extra sure you’re catching any excess hair that could possibly spread to other parts of your home, causing more bad dog smell.

5. Keep the Air Clean

Ensure the environment you’re in feels extra fresh by maintaining clean air in your home’s rooms. Open windows and turn on fans. Whatever you can do to keep the air circulating will guarantee a better smelling and more aired out home.

It would also be a smart investment to purchase an air purifier if you don’t already own one, to keep that fresh scent alive throughout your house.

6. Keep an Eye (Or Nose) Out for Stains

Sometimes, your pet is too talented at being sneaky. This means they often leave little surprises around the house that can leave an unsettling smell if it isn’t noticed after awhile. Be sure to deep clean your carpets as much as possible with carpet cleaners, and try your best not to miss any spots that your dog might have aimed for.

They sometimes like to leave urine or vomit in places they don’t believe you’ll discover, so always be cautious of this. Believe it or not, dogs will even leave urine on the walls and not just the floors. Be prepared to clean the walls with pet odor eliminators if need be. When you find just a small stain, it might also be enough to sprinkle baking soda on it and wash it away after a little while.

7. Clean and Cover the Furniture

We all know dogs love adventure, so they enjoy climbing. If they climb on your furniture, there is a large chance they will shed. If you allow them on the furniture regularly, try using a machine-washable cover, making sure to wash it every week.

If you choose not to use a cover, wash your couch cushions and throw pillows weekly to prevent strong pet odors.

8. Find and Get Rid of the Dirt

Dogs love to play. Usually, they will play outside and bring in the mud with them. This mud will eventually turn into dirt, which soaks into your carpet. Use a lifting agent powder to pull the dirt out of the fibers in your carpet and get rid of the pet odor.

Also, try to stop dirt from entering past your doorway by using an absorbent doggy doormat.

9. Repetition is NOT Key

Dogs enjoy revisiting the same spot to do their business, resulting in a very strong and overwhelming smell. Prevent this by spraying this particular spot with a scented cleaning product.

Dogs are comfortable with their own smell; this is why they enjoy urinating in the same spot. Spraying a new smell that is unfamiliar to them will end their urination tour, and will hopefully end the unappealing pet odor.


While removing odors left by your dog may be tricky, it’s well worth the hassle. Especially when you’re able to curl up and cuddle with your pet, while still feeling fresh and clean.
From baking soda to chemical cleaning agents, there are quite a lot of strategies that will help you to get rid of that unwanted pet odor. We hope this article has given you some new inspiration for your cleaning routine.