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This Schnauzer called “Friar Mustache” Is A Real-Life Bolivian Monk

In a little known Bolivian monastery in the Cochabamba valley,  there lives a dog named Friar Bigotón or Friar Moustache in English. As a four legged monk, Friar Moustache is a much loved resident of the region and was named Friar Moustache due to his dignified ‘stache which is a signifying factor of the Schnauzer dog breed.

Apart from rocking his adorable Franciscan habit in style, Friar Moustache enjoys running around and having fun, and brings heaps of joy to his fellow brothers at the monastery with his antics. All hold him in special regard, with some even referring to him as a ’special creature of God’. Needless to say, this cute pup is now an indelible part of the Cochabamba valley monastery and has truly earned his place as a Friar, complete with his own habit and title.

However, as wonderful as Friar Moustache’s life is now, things haven’t always been so rosy for him. You see, this cute pup lived as a stray for quite some time before he was found and rescued by the Cold Nose Project- a nonprofit whose mission it is to help stray animals find safe and loving homes like the beautiful monastery that Friar Moustache calls home today.

Prior to his adoption by the monks at the monastery Friar Moustache was formerly known as Carmelo, but the monks gave him a different name to signify his being a part of his newfound family, and this induction has literally given him a new lease on life where he is loved and cherished for who he is.

Friar Moustache can also be found sniffing around the pond at the monastery grounds for the colorful fish that reside there, which he probably takes to be his friends as well. Friar Moustache’s touching story brings hope to the Cold Nose project in that it may inspire other local organisations, churches and monasteries to follow in the footsteps of the monks at Cochabamba valley monastery and provide a loving home to former stray pets that are in dire need of that home. Hopefully, this would also set an example to the general populace to not only take better care of their pets but to also have more compassion for stray animals in general.

Source: Via Kasper Mariusz Kaproń Ofm/Facebook