Behaviors and Training

Should you have dogs in the office?

We surveyed 1000 people on Facebook to ask them if they thought that having dogs in the office is a good idea? Office dogs in our mind are a necessity to a healthy working environment and as long as your office is dog friendly, you’ll be set!What if your office isn’t dog friendly, or your boss doesn’t allow you to have a dog? Our survey found that managers and bosses who are reluctant to allow dogs in the workplace do so because they don’t understand the benefits of having a dog in the office.

What do studies say about dogs in the office?

Studies have shown that having a dog in the office increases productivity and happiness in the office. It also promotes works wellbeing.

Make sure your dog is well behaved at work

“Office dogs should be friendly and non-territorial. A dog that picks fights or growls unnecessarily can create a disruptive work environment. Also, if a dog barks or whines too much, it can be distracting for other workers” —Samantha Gewertz, DogswellYou have to ensure that your dog is well trained. If you don’t then your colleagues will start to resent you having your dog at work. It might also encourage your boss to rescind the invitation to have the dog at work.

Make sure your dog has it’s own place at work

It’s important that your dog feels like they have a place to call their own at your work. That might be under your desk or in the corner where they can have a rest and snooze when they need to. It will also help your dog feel like they have a place to belong and it will help them settle. Encourage your colleagues to leave your dog alone when he is sleeping so that he can feel better at settling in to his day home.