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Finding organic and healthy dog food alternatives for your pooch is not always as clear-cut as you would like it to be. Nonetheless, if you’re searching for a budget-friendly choice that doesn’t compromise on quality, Taste Of The Wild is an excellent brand to start with.Offering grain-free pet food for cats and dogs, this high-protein dog food is – when compared to traditional brands – packed with more flavor and more nutritional value. Plus, Taste Of The Wild is easy to find, as even online stores have this brand as a must-have for their shelves.

About Taste Of The Wild

Produced by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc., Taste of the Wild is a family-owned brand that made its introduction to the market in 2007. The company aimed to answer the marketplace’s growing need for grain-free, natural and organic food for pooches around the world.Featuring six winning formulas, with both a dry and wet version for each, you are able to rest assured that there are 12 high-quality options that your dog can choose from – avoiding boredom and appetite loss.

The best thing:

All of the brand’s formulas are made to imitate what dogs would naturally eat if left in the wild. The primary distinction is packing lean meats (i.e., quail, venison) that won’t predispose your dog to any weight problems and the subsequent set of accompanying symptoms.


When discussing the long list of elements contained by Taste Of The Wild, the ingredients are, as a general rule of thumb, sourced in the United States.Alternatively, the brand uses reliable foreign suppliers for obtaining the most exceptional quality foreign goods, such as potato protein from Germany, lamb from New Zealand, or chicory from Belgium.

Chicken Meal

Designed to offer a high percentage of protein, their chicken meal is both fresh and enriched with 300% more protein than other brands currently available on the market.

Lamb Meal

To add to the protein content, lamb meal is also present. Although this has become a standard solution for dog foods these days, their lamb is high-quality and helps achieve the adequate level of protein needed by your pooch.


Depending on the type of peas, here is another component that is nearly 23 to 27% protein. Not only that, but this is an excellent source of Vitamin C, A and B6 as well as copper, phosphorus, Niacin, Thiamin and Folate.


Egg is an ingredient which helps with the assimilation of other vitamins and minerals, in addition to its low calories and high protein content. Moreover, it’s organic and natural – another testimony for the brand’s commitment to high-quality.


From a nutritional point of view, buffalo meat is relatively different from beef. More specifically, buffalo contains more protein and less fat than beef.Not only that, a buffalo packs around 80% more water, meaning that it’s substantially leaner than other meats. At the same time, it is an excellent source of zinc and iron.

Sweet Potatoes

The very last ingredient used by the brand is the Vitamin A-packed sweet potatoes. Providing an excellent source of carbs for increased energy and carbohydrates intake, sweet potatoes also have a large quantity of Vitamin C, calcium, iron and fiber.

Recall History

Taste Of The Wild had a voluntary recall in 2012, when the company feared that the Salmonella bacteria might have contaminated their food. Of course, in some cases, it was too late, as some animals had already become ill or died as a result of the symptoms.Thus, monetary compensation was settled in 2014 for many customers. Nonetheless, since that time, there has been no more recalls of Taste Of The Wild. To date, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that one food recall is more likely to lead to another.However, we can’t ignore the fact that recalls are at times necessary, due to the distribution and food manufacturing processes.

Formulas Offered

With nine formulas to choose from, both you and your pooch will be happy to know that these organic dog foods contain multiple ingredients that are different and flavor-packed. For example:Appalachian Valley Canine Formula with Venison and Garbanzo BeansThis formula contains 3,719 kcal per kg, or approximately 370 kcal per cup, 32% minimum protein and 18% fat.

High Prairie Food with Roasted Bison & Roasted Venison

For this roasted bison and roasted venison recipe, it contains 3,719 kcal per kg, or approximately 370 kcal per cup, 32% protein and 18% fat.

Sierra Mountain Canine Formula with Roasted Lamb

If you are looking for a low source of fat, the roasted lamb formula merely contains 15%, while the protein intake is still relatively high (25%).

Pine Forest Canine Formula with Venison & Legumes

Packed with vegetables and lean venison, this option has a high protein percentage (around 28%), while a cup contains approximately 337 kcals.

Pacific Stream Canine Formula with Smoked Salmon

This certain formula contains 3,600 kcal per kg, or around 360 kcal per cup, 25% protein and 15% fat.

Pacific Stream Puppy Formula with Smoked Salmon

Puppies, rejoice, because the adult version of this dog food is also available for little pooches. With 27% protein and 15% fat content, there are around 360 kcals per each cup.

Wetlands Canine Formula with Roasted Fowl

If you’re searching for a dry kibble with a high protein intake, you’re in the right place. This roasted fowl formula has a staggering 32% minimum protein, with each cup containing 375 kcals.

Southwest Canyon Canine Formula with Wild Boar

With a protein content of 29%, this unique combination of ingredients will be an excellent treat for any day of the week.

Available Sizes

Taste Of The Wild’s dog food often comes in sizes between 5-pound bags to 30-pound bags. Each formula is available in at least 3 sizes, with 5-pound bags being the smallest.The largest size is usually 28 pounds or 30 pounds, while the medium bags weigh around 14 to 15 pounds each. There are different bag sizes available, depending on the formula. However, they are all roughly around those sizes.

Is It Suitable for Your Pet?

Because Taste Of The Wild aims to cater to a wide range of dogs, they usually have dog food that’s specifically developed for dogs of any age and lifestyle. Even for smaller breeds like Shih Tzu Chihuahuas or Deer head Chihuahuas. Or German Shepherds and Shiba Inu Huskies.Each formula has different benefits and while most of them cater to healthy adult dogs, they also have formulas for younger or even older dogs.

For Puppies

At least two Taste Of The Wild formulas are designed for puppies. Both of them provide high levels of protein, which is an important nutrient that growing puppies need for better development.

For Adolescents

Adolescent dogs are those which are not quite adult yet, but are no longer puppies anymore. For better development and growth, they need to continue getting high portions of protein, along with more nutrition that their developing bodies and changing lifestyles demand. That said, the formula best suited to this demographic is the Wetlands Canine Formula with Roasted Fowl meat source.

For Active Adults

As mentioned above, practically majority of Taste Of The Wild’s food offerings can be fed to this age group as well as active group of dogs. That’s good news because you have a huge range of flavors and formulas to choose from to best suit your adult dog. Adult dogs are generally considered to be such from 1 up until 8 years of age.

For Pregnant or Lactating Dogs

Pregnant dogs and those which are lactating need a higher amount of food than usual. This is because their body produces nutrients not just for themselves, but for their puppies as well.To meet the extra 15-25% nutritional needs, at least 29% of their diet needs to be made up of proteins. The best Taste Of The Wild formula for these dogs are the High Prairie Canine Formula and Wetlands Canine Formula.

For Allergic Dogs

Grain is a common food allergen for many dogs, so the grain-free formulation of Taste Of The Wild dog foods works in their favor. Plus, their protein sources are unique and uncommon, which can reduce the chances of your dog getting an allergy.Chicken is another common allergen, but because these dog foods source their meat from venison, bison, salmon and other meats, your dog is less likely to be allergic to it.That said, consider the Pacific Stream Canine Formula (with smoked salmon), or the Pine Forest formula that contains venison and legumes which is perfect if you’re looking for the best dog food for sensitive stomachs.

For Picky Eaters

Because these dog foods have a variety of unique flavors to choose from, they work well with fussy eaters. You will be hard-pressed to find a flavor that will not appeal even to the pickiest of eaters.

For Highly Active Dogs

For dogs whose lifestyles are more active than the average pet, they’ll need more protein and nutrients to keep up with their busy and active lifestyle. After all, they’ll need the energy all throughout the day.With that in mind, the Wetlands Canine Formula is a good source of this much-needed energy boost.

For Small Breeds

So far, only one Taste Of The Wild formula specifically caters to small breed dogs. That’s the Appalachian Valley Small Breed Canine Formula with Venison and Garbanzo Beans.

For Large Breeds

On the other hand, there are at least six Taste Of The Wild formulas that are specifically targeted towards the large breed market like labradors. Particularly, they are for adult large breed dogs.

What Dog Isn’t Suitable?

Senior Dogs

Dogs older than 8 years old don’t have a suitable formula made by Taste Of The Wild. Because senior dogs also have different nutritional needs, none of the above formulas can provide it without lacking in some aspect.However, other dog food brands have ones that are specially formulated for this age group.

Overweight Dogs

These heavy dogs need a particular nutritional profile which Taste Of The Wild cannot cater to at the moment. While their dog food has high protein content, the fat content may not be satisfactory for dogs that need to lose weight.



Many people agree that their dogs are loving the taste of Taste Of The Wild dog food. Not only are picky eaters looking forward to the next meal time, they also end up eating everything that’s on their plates and wanting more.

Health Benefits

These dog foods don’t just claim to be healthier for your dogs, they actually are. Visible signs of being healthier have been observed by dog owners, such as healthier skin, better weight and less stomach issues. In fact, dogs will also be fitter when on this diet.

Natural Ingredients

Many Taste Of The Wild dog foods include natural supplements for their nutritional sources like fruits and vegetables. Moreover, also included are antioxidants, which help boost your dog’s immunity.

No Artificial Ingredients

In addition, there are no artificial ingredients in their formulas. To be more specific, there are no fillers, coloring, or anything else that’s fake. Your dog is so much safer with this brand than those which unrepentantly use fillers in their food.

Good Nutrient Ratios

Because a balanced diet is important for healthier dogs, it’s good to consider that Taste Of The Wild’s nutritional ratios are kept at a good level. For instance, their fat to protein ratio and overall carbohydrate content are all kept within healthy limits.


Puppies Dislike It

While other reviewers can’t have specific reasons behind this particular con, it’s as simple as some puppies disliking the puppy food from Taste Of The Wild. Maybe it’s not as appealing to them as the other formulas are to the adults.

Some Formulas Cause Health Problems

Some Taste Of The Wild formulas have been reported to cause increased liver enzyme production, which can pose a health problem in the long run, though taste of the wild denies their food causes this. Some formulas have also been observed to cause bladder stones in very rare cases.Some of them also make dogs lethargic for some reason, while others just make dogs’ stomachs upset, leading to farting and/or diarrhea.In addition, some of the dry food pellet shapes can also cause injury to your dog’s mouth, while other formulas have also led to weight and hair loss in dogs.


Overall, there is little denying that Taste Of The Wild is an excellent choice for health-conscious pet owners looking for natural and organic ingredients to offer their pooches.Grain-free and available at a relatively reasonable price, the brand is a smart alternative to expensive and conventional kibbles. It also comes in different sizes too, so you definitely have many options to choose from.

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