Spoil Your Pet Rotten! Fun Valentines Day Pet Gift Ideas

Today we’ve got a guest post by Seth from Max and Kitty, all about spoiling your furry friend this Valentines day. If you are clueless about what present to give them, we have put together a few ideas:


You can’t go wrong with buying your pet a new toy. Whether you are going for a hearth-shaped catnip or a heart and rope tug toy, Petco and Target offer themed toys. They also have huge savings around this time.


Whether your pet is an all-out-fashionista or your plain next door animal, there are tons of clothing and accessories options available. From vests, to sweaters, to hoodies, to collars, even necklaces, you would sure to be left browsing for hours. Try places like Amazon and Ebay for a huge selection. If you are a bargain hunter, you could visit Groupon or even TJMaxx in store.

Pet beds and blankets

Nothing says I love you more than making your pet feel comfortable and happy. Whether inside or out, all pets love a bit of cushiness. Surprise them with a memory-foam bed or a cosy blanket. Why not add a heart shaped pet bowl on the side to complete the set?


One of the most popular gifts on Valentine’s Day for us humans are typically a box of chocolates or candy.  Similarly, you could give your pet a box of their favourite treats. Stores like Target and Petco offer limited edition treats especially made for Valentine’s Day.

Take a professional photo

Nothing says I care about my pet than taking a picture and framing it for all to see. You can visit a professional photographer to do the job but bear in mind they can be very busy around this time of year. Alternatively, you could also take a selfie with your phone and Instagram it into a heart-shared frame. What’s more you can add any filters you like.

Have a play date

Invite some friends over for coffee and have them spend the day with you. That way, both you and your pets would enjoy some bonding.

Do you have any more ideas? We would love to know. Write in the comment below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends.