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Victor Dog Food Reviews – Let’s Learn More About This Brand

The wave of consciousness pertaining to health and what we put in our bodies extends further than just our species. Dog owners are also becoming more and more aware of the number of chemicals their canine pets ingest on a daily basis. Since dogs lovably just eat more or less anything you place in their bowl, it’s certainly up to you to be the responsible dog owner and feed your pet nutritious meals. This concerned mindset has then launched a search for pet food with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that come from a more natural source. Dogs are undeniably man’s best friend and for the amount of happiness they bring us, they more than deserve healthy and tasty meals to come their way. Fortunately, your search doesn’t have to take long because Victor dog food reviews are here.

Victor Dog Food Brand

Owned and manufactured by Mid America Pet Food which is based in Texas, Victor offers delicious tasting meals for man’s best friend without sacrificing nutrition. Their products are all naturally and mainly locally sourced as well as comprehensively labeled. This is done in order to put your mind at ease and have a good night’s sleep knowing you’re feeding your pooch the right stuff.

Ingredients and Sources

Victor reports to put only the necessary ingredients in their dog food to ensure that nutrition is their primary priority. With most of their ingredients coming from local sources, Victor makes sure to develop products with high-quality ingredients that are free from corn, wheat, soy, gluten and most GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These products make it ideal for those conscious of what they’re feeding their dogs. Victor also avoids using additional chemicals in their formulas, such as artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.  

Recall History

In the span of Victor’s existence since its debut in 2007, the dog food company has not had any publicly reported recalls for any incident whatsoever. Checking both their online presence and FDA recall database, both Victor and even Mid America Pet Food remains to keep their record clean.

Formulas Offered

According to their website, Victor offers a wide array of dog food products with a whopping 17 options. The entire selection can be divided between two main categories, namely: grain-free and regular.


Yukon River Canine

This formula is what the company claims to be their “most hypoallergenic” formulation in their entire selection. This means that this specific formula will be quite appropriate if your dog is prone to be allergic to typical protein sources, such as grains, beef, lamb, chicken, or pork meal.

Lamb Meal

Getting majority of its flavor from genuine New Zealand lamb meal, Victor’s Lamb Meal is perfect for dogs of all ages and sensitivities. Being on the hypoallergenic side, even the frequently allergic dogs can enjoy this scrumptious snack.

Chicken Meal & Sweet Potato

This formula is perfect for dogs of all ages and those allergic to grains or gluten and includes chicken fat.

Ultra Pro

If there was an extremely nutritional meal, it would have to be the Ultra Pro. Made from high-quality ingredients, the Ultra Pro is formulated to be lower in the carbohydrate department and higher in the protein. In fact, it’s made to specifically have less than 17% carbohydrate and is spiked with protein from sources such as beef, poultry, meat and fish. Undeniably a super treat, Ultra Pro is labeled to be 42% protein and 22% fat.

Active Dog and Puppy

Victor developed Active Dog and Puppy to be the perfect meal for a growing puppy, but also generally any dog at any age group.

Hero Canine

Calling Hero Canine appropriate for active adult dogs may be a bit of an understatement. Hero Canine goes up and beyond by infusing additional ingredients that will benefit your dog as a whole.

Ocean Fish

Dogs who love seafood simply adore Victor’s Ocean Fish with Salmon. A formula that entails having majority of the protein source from ocean fish and salmon, it follows the general formula of most dog foods under the grain-free category. This means that the carbohydrate source is mainly sweet potatoes and peas and is AAFCO-approved to be considered “complete and balanced.”With salmon as a main ingredient, this Ocean Fish with Salmon formula contains a considerable amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients that support growth and nourishment.


Chicken Meal & Brown Rice

With the delicious flavor of locally-sourced chicken for protein sustenance, chicken fat, and the health benefits of quality brown rice, this formula is also AAFCO-approved and is perfectly suitable for dogs of all ages.

Beef Meal & Brown Rice

Formulated with US beef as the main protein source, Beef Meal and Brown Rice provides an adequate 23% of protein and 11% of fat. It’s perfect for active dogs of all ages with a taste for delicious beef.

Lamb Meal & Brown Rice

Lamb Meal and Brown Rice uses authentic New Zealand lamb meal to create this delicious formula that your dog will not be able to resist. With majority of the protein coming from the lamb, this formulation contains an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins to be suitable for dogs of any age.

Senior Healthy Weight

Senior Healthy Weight is the weight-loss dry dog food of choice for dogs with obesity issues. Coupled with a good amount of exercise, Senior Healthy Weight helps dogs lose weight by including L-carnitine.

Nutra Pro

An incredible nutritional meal that is especially suited for actively growing puppies, Nutra Pro is formulated to be a healthy option for dogs of all ages. Developed with premium ingredients, Nutra Pro is an excellent choice for dog owners who want their pets to have that high protein/low carbohydrate diet.

Hi-Pro Plus

An absolute bestseller, Hi-Pro Plus is marketed towards dogs of all ages but is especially recommended for actively growing puppies due to its high levels of nutrition. Being a nutrient dense meal, this dry dog food is also suitable for pregnant or lactating females that are in much need of constant nutritional replenishment.


Performance is developed with multiple protein sources and trace vitamins and minerals. In order to handle the stress of an energetic lifestyle, Performance is also infused with Victor’s joint care ingredients and chicken fat.


Named for its marketed use towards professionals such as breeders and kennel owners, Professional is a cut above the rest in terms of quality ingredients and nutritional content. Highly recommended for actively growing puppies, pregnant or lactating females, this formulation is developed to be extremely digestible in order for the nutrients to be readily absorbed into the body. It is formulated with VICTOR Core ingredients to promote a healthy digestive and immune system.

High Energy

Formulated for high energy and active dogs, as the name implies, High-Energy is an AAFCO-approved meal that is made with premium ingredients that support an active dog’s lifestyle.


Multi-Pro is marketed by Victor as an off-season meal for active or sports dogs during periods of low activity. This means that Multi-Pro is formulated to be able to let the dogs rest and rejuvenate, while maintaining their nourishment through nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Available Sizes

For the dry dog foods being offered by Victor, depending on the formula, there are five sizes available. These are: 5 pounds, 15 pounds, 30 pounds, 40 pounds and 50 pounds. On the other hand, the wet dog foods type is sold in one size only and that is 13.2 ounces.

Is It Suitable for Your Pet?

As briefly mentioned in a previous point, Victor dog food makes several formulas suitable for different breeds and dog life stages. This dog food is suitable for puppies, adult and senior dogs, standard and large breeds, dogs with higher energy levels and the ones that are particularly picky when deciding on what to eat as well.


Victor dog food created special formulas suitable for growing puppies, including the Active Dog and Puppy blend, which was mentioned earlier. This dry dog food contains 33% of crude protein and 16% crude fat, with 397 kcal/cup. There are no grains in this one and the protein is made up of 75% meat (beef and chicken) and 25% plant source (sweet potato and peas). Victor Hi-Pro Plus for Active Dogs and Puppies is suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike, as implied in its name. It has 30% crude protein and 20% crude fat with 450 kcal/cup. This means it provides a lot of energy for growing puppies and active adult dogs, without soy, corn, wheat or gluten. On the other hand, if you prefer a plant protein source, Victor’s grain-free Hero Canine formula is a very good product to have too. It contains no grains, but has joint supplements added, such as glucosamine and chondroitin, to take care of your puppy’s fragile limbs.

Adults and Seniors

All formulas are suitable for adult dogs and any average-sized dog will have good nutrition with one of the blends available. However, Victor dog food makes one special blend for senior dogs named Select Senior Healthy Weight – which was touched upon earlier. It has 27% crude protein and only 11% crude fat, summing up to 370 kcal/cup. In addition to that, this formula contains no wheat, soy and is also gluten-free. It includes beef meal, whole grain brown rice, whole grain millet, menhaden fish meal as well as chicken meal. 72% of the protein found in this formula come from meat, 13% comes from plants and 15% from grains. To improve the quality of life for your senior pet, joint care ingredients are added to the formula as well.

Large and Active Breeds

There is actually no special formula for large dogs such as Labradors, German Shepherds, Shollies and Malamutes. However, they can benefit from blends that are high in fat, such as chicken fat, protein and calories. Normal-sized active dogs, on the other hand, can enjoy a diet that is lower in calories, but rich in protein. That being said, Victor’s Canine Hero formula may be the best option for your large dog. It is a formula with 33% crude protein, 16% crude fat and 397 kcal/cup. It contains beef meal, sweet potato, chicken meal, peas and preserved chicken fat, with added joint caring supplements to prevent hip dysplasia and other common joint problems.

What Dog Isn’t Suitable?

Unfortunately, if you have a toy dog breed or your dog is prone to allergies, we recommend that you consider other dog food options.

Small Breeds

Small sized breeds like may be better off with a different brand of dog food. Wet dog food might be suitable for them in some cases, but Victor dog food doesn’t have a special formula for tiny dogs, nor kibble that is reduced in size. However, small dogs also burn a lot of energy. So, as an alternative to specially designed blends, you may still try Victor’s Grain Free Chicken formula. This formula is rich in nutrients and has a good balance of protein, fat, such as chicken fat, dietary fibers and carbohydrates. The chicken component of the meal is locally sourced and the dog food itself is rich in antioxidants, thanks to the sweet potato ingredient. It contains 33% of crude protein and 16% of crude fat, reaching up to 410 kcal/cup. This is quite enough to provide your small firecracker with enough energy for its daily activities.


If your dog doesn’t suffer from allergies, it is recommended that you consider a different brand. Victor dog food makes formulas free of common allergens, such as corn, wheat, soy and gluten. However, unless your dog has allergies to some specific grain, you are unlikely to find a suitable blend.

There’s lots of reasons why your dog may not agree with a food. Our sensitive stomach dog food post can help you get to the bottom of it.


Many Different IngredientsDepending on the diet you have chosen for your dog, Victor’s dog foods offer you a variety of options and different ingredient combinations. In addition to that, you are able to avoid some ingredients that are the most common allergens. You are also able to boost your pet’s protein intake and select different sources of it, such beef, seafood, plant and grains. Victor dog food has products that are great and has a balanced source of protein, complex carbohydrates, dietary fibers, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for your pet. In other words, when you feed your pet with these products, you are putting its health above all the rest. It is formulated with VICTOR Core ingredients to promote a healthy digestive and immune system. No Soy or Corn They have decided to refrain from using soy or corn in their dog food production. This way, you get high-quality dog foods that are safe for your pet and rich in good proteins. All Dog Life Stages are Covered Whether you have a puppy, adult active dog or a senior in need of a specialized formula, Victor dog food has products to satisfy all of them. There are blends high in protein, low in calories and even ones that are easy to digest. In addition, they even include ingredients that help dogs’ bones and joints get stronger.


Change in Formula As it turns out, the company recently decided to make some changes to their basic formula. Some customers have already complained about it, as they have noticed their pets experiencing some unpleasant side-effects in the form of stomach irritations. Size of the KibbleThe size of the kibble is standard, which may be too large for some puppies and small dog breeds to chew on. Blood MealSome of the blends Victor dog food produces contain blood meal, which is intended to raise the protein percentage in the food. Since the origin of this blood is unknown, you would want to avoid it whenever possible.


With all things considered, Victor has an extremely comprehensive selection of dog food products that offer many choices for the responsible dog owner. Hopefully these Victor dog food reviews have showed you the selection has enough choices in terms of flavors and nutritional requirements for you to decide which is best for your best friend.

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