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10 Cool Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Dog

Valentine’s Day: the day of love. Not just romantic love, but platonic love too. And let’s not forget the love for your dog! Your adorable pooch loves you every day of the year, so even though they might not anticipate February 14th like you do, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your pup how much you care. There really is no better Valentine than your dog! It’s also a great way to help if you’re on your own on Valentines and feeling a little down.

Spend Time Together

You might already eat at relatively the same time as your dog, but you can still make dinner a special occasion for them. Add in a few meaty chunks into their usual dinner and watch them happily gobble it up. Watch a movie together afterward. Even if this is something you do often, it’ll still be just as special to snuggle up together on the couch.

Valentine’s Cards

It’s a tradition to mark your cards with hearts, but what about if you use paw prints? Work with your dog to make an adorable card together to help you remember the holiday. Just wipe your dog’s paw before press it into a dog-safe, or baby-safe, ink pad. Stamp it on the card and add some decorations at your leisure. Make sure to clean your dog’s paw afterwards!


Obviously, you can’t buy your pup chocolates. You can get a cute little box of goodies together for them to celebrate though. Buy a prepackaged box online or make your own with toys, treats, and anything else you think your dog will like.

Go Out

Your dog loves to spend time with you. They love getting fresh air too. Why not put these two things together? Take your pup to a favorite location like a pet-friendly restaurant or a lake they love to swim in. There are even tons of pet-friendly hotels and events that you can bring your dog to.

New Tricks

While you’re working hard to teach your dog a new trick, they’re just enjoying all the treats they get for doing it right. Teach your dog something to bond with them, and give yourself an excuse to feed them treats at intervals. This is a stress-free environment for your dog to enjoy some time with you while getting something delicious too.

Take Some Pictures

You can never have enough pictures of your pet. That’s a fact. You can make these pictures a little special though by adding some themes and taking your pet out to a great location. Use some props to make it extra special for some great memories.

Treat Making

It’s easy to make some homemade treats for your dog to munch on. Cheesy biscuits are a great option when it comes to showing that you care. Just combine 1 and ½ cups of brown rice flour, ½ cup of shredded cheese, an egg, and ¼ cup of water. Mix it all together and roll out the dough. At 350 degrees in the oven, they’ll be done in just 25 minutes.

Bath Time

Of course, this is only if your dog happens to like getting baths. If they do, this is a great way to show how much you appreciate them and spend a little time together. This is a great option for those of you who don’t have too much money to spend, but still, want to do something nice.

Doggie Spa

Pamper your pet. They deserve it! Take them to a dog spa or salon to get them a nice bath, get their nails done, and get pampered. You can even get them a massage there, or you can find tools to give them a massage yourself.

Play Together

Something as simple as playing fetch is a great way to spend time with your pet. Throw the ball in their favorite park, and set aside some real time to relax and enjoy your dog’s company. Even just sitting outdoors with your dog is a great way to show them you care.


You don’t only need to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other, or alone when you’ve got an amazing pooch who deserves to be pampered. Spend a little time with your pet doing something simple and fun to show them how much you care, not just on the day of love, but every day of the year.