Why we love our dogs

As dog owners, we love our dogs for all their quirky habits and the funny things they get up to. In this article we’d like to pay homage to our dogs, and we hope you’ll see similarities in your own dog and in your own life with them.

They’re not afraid of things much larger than them, they don’t care about garbage trucks, cars, motorcycles or airplanes.

But they’re terrified of the vacuum cleaner and hair dryer.

They don’t mind horses and deer, or other really really large animals. For some reason size does not mean danger!

But they hate cats. Don’t make eye contact! Oh god a cat! Terrifying!

They’ve just been to the pooch parlour for a haircut and hate the smell of cleanliness! Must must must not smell of shampoo!

But when it comes to his testicals he’s obsessed! MUST CLEAN!

Just don’t let him lick your face right after!

You spot a lovely lady in the park who you’d like to get to know and your dog goes mental. MUST NOT COME NEAR!! Bark bark bark! It’s like they have a 6th sense

And they love to embrace people we’d rather not spend any time with.

Every now and then we accidentally stand on your tail and you love us more for it!

Someone stood on my tail, human, I’ll protect you from that nasty hurting thing!

They love to eat the worst things in the world, like their own poop or even worse cat poop. They eat all sorts of weird and wonderful things like earplugs, butter, bees, cat feces, and more, but they don’t know what to do with vegetables!

Our dog has many many fears. Fireworks, bathing, the hairdryer, CATS! But they don’t care to take on big cars, animals and trucks.

Dogs even fear their own shadows

But the one thing they fear the most is being left alone. Because every time we leave them alone they go mental when we get back! It’s like they’ve not seen us for months even though minutes have passed by.

It’s funny that we choose to spend a decade and a half with this creature who loves us unconditionally and we love them that way too.

Our dogs are our best friends, and we are theirs. But the sad thing is they’ll go to the rainbow in the sky never knowing our names.

Dogs grow to their teenage years and unlike kids they don’t ask us for money, start relationships or fall in love. When dogs become teenagers they die of old age.

So let’s celebrate them everyday, and not take any minute we spend with them for granted. Before we know it, it’s all over and they’ve left this world and us behind for good.

It’s true what they say a dog is a human’s best friend, and we wouldn’t change a thing.